John Passarella’s Supernatural: Rite Of Passage Book Review

Laurel Hill, New Jersey is beginning to look like one of the unluckiest places on Earth when an escalating series of accidents and outbreaks hit the town. But Sam and Dean suspect it’s more than just bad luck. Along with Bobby Singer, the brothers soon realize that a mysterious figure is at the center of the chaos. When they uncover a connection between the stranger and three teenage boys at the local high school who are experiencing some unusual growing pains, they know they will need far more than good luck to prevent an all-out disaster.

Supernatural: Rite of Passage is based off of the CW series “Supernatural” and takes place between the events of season seven episodes ‘Time For A Wedding’ and ‘How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters.’ Set in New Jersey, it follows the Winchesters’ investigation of a multitude of unlucky events resulting in numerous, bloody deaths as they slowly put together clues and manage to determine what monster is causing such ill fortune. The events of Rite of Passage fit perfectly into season seven while Passarella manages to capture the essence of Dean, Sam and Bobby as the mystery unfolds.

It’s hard not to be skeptical about a book based off of a show and characters as beloved as those of “Supernatural” but Passarella, writes the story well and stays true to the characters with ease. Incorporating events from the show while dealing with a monster yet unseen in “Supernatural” lore, Supernatural: Rite of Passage easily brings you into the Winchesters’ world. The writing is descriptive, detailed and beautifully paints a deadly picture of this new monster wreaking havoc in Laurel Hill, New Jersey. All the while keeping you guessing right along with the Winchesters throughout their investigation.

If you’re a fan of “Supernatural,” then Supernatural: Rite of Passage is definitely a book for you.

Carrie Hildebrand