Doctor Who: What About Brian? – Short Video Postscript For Fans

The fifth and most recent installment of Doctor Who was, among other things, a wonderfully bittersweet goodbye to Amy and Rory.  They had become family both to the Doctor and to viewers alike, but there was one more “Pond” in the bunch that I think we all grew to love in his short time aboard the TARDIS.  I’m speaking of course about Brian “Pond” Williams who, thanks in no small part to the great talent of actor Mark Williams, showed more personality and depth of character in two episodes than many characters manage in an entire series run.

By the time we got to the end of the story in The Angels Take Manhattan the fate of Amy and Rory had been revealed.  Thanks to an afterword left in River’s crime novel, the Doctor learns his in-laws lived out a long and happy life together in the past, but what about poor Brian who stayed behind to water the plants?  If you felt like Rory’s dear old dad needed some closure, then you can thank frequent Who writer Chris Chibnall for the following video postscript.  It’s composed of animated storyboards with a voice-over by Arthur Darvill that will warm your heart and have you reaching for the tissues.


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