Grimm Review – The Bottle Imp

Nick and Juliette are making dinner as fireworks go off over the house. Nick mentions a story Juliette had told him about her father and fireworks, and suddenly, she remembers telling him that story, and all her memories come flooding back. She even remembers him telling her about being a Grimm, and she’s fine with it. And then his alarm goes off.












Bill Granger picks up his daughter, April, from their house. He heads to a gas station to fill up, but his credit cards keep getting denied. We see him briefly morph into a badger-like creature called a Drang-Zorn in his agitation, and he goes to the truck to get cash. The station attendant hears a noise coming from the garage and enters – and is suddenly viciously attacked. Hank, Nick and Sgt. Wu arrive at the scene and are able to get tape from some of the security cameras. Back at the station, they’re able to run the plate on the truck they see – and they also see that there’s a little girl in the truck with the man. After some quick research, they find that Granger and his wife are separated, so they head to her home to check on her.












Meanwhile, Monroe arrives at the spice shop just as Rosalee calls to tell him about a special order for a man suffering from an inner ear problem. She gives him the recipe and Monroe is just about finished making the potion when the patient, Leroy, arrives. Distracted by Leroy nearly breaking things as he can’t keep his balance, Monroe puts the wrong ingredient in last by mistake and sends the man on his way with the incorrect potion.













Granger heads to a rest stop and then asks a man if he could give them a ride. The man says no, but when April asks, he gives in. But as they’re driving, an Amber alert naming April comes on the radio, and the man connects the dots. Before he can react, Bill knocks him out and hijacks the truck, leaving the man tied up just off the road. He and April then continue their journey.












Back at the Granger home, Nick and Hank find Mrs. Granger badly beaten and only momentarily conscious. She’s taken to the hospital as the cops worry more for April’s safety. Sgt. Wu makes some great finds in the house, however – a laptop computer full of interesting designs and credit card bills, all of which prove that Granger was building some kind of shelter out in the woods. One photo gives GPS coordinates, which they use to find the location. Just then, Juliette walks into the station, having been nearby for lunch. She happily greets Hank and Sgt. Wu, and then Captain Renard walks over to say that he’s glad she’s feeling better. She immediately gets flustered and once he’s gone, she says she has to head back to work and leaves.












Nick takes Hank to Aunt Marie’s trailer for the first time, and despite being awestruck, he quickly settles down to helping Nick look through the books to find out what type of Wesen the Grangers are. They find the information on the Drang-Zorn, but when Nick opens the weapons cabinet to show Hank the crossbow, Hank notices something else – an elephant gun. He confronts Nick with the fact that he knows that this type of gun is what killed the man who nearly killed him – and he knows Nick couldn’t have fired the gun, so who did? Nick gives in and tells Hank that it was Monroe who’d saved his life – and that Nick’s life had also been saved by Monroe many times.













Back at the station, Captain Renard gets a call from Adalind, wanting to know who killed her mother. Renard tells her that they may never know and says that she played quite the trick on Nick. She says that Nick took something from her, so she took something from him, and then asks if Nick killed her mother. Renard responds by saying she should come back so they could talk, but brushes him off. He asks what she did to Juliette and tells Adalind that Juliette is awake. She knows that Renard was involved in her waking up, and tells him to ask her cat. She ends the call telling him that he’s going to have some fun – and so will she. Renard then looks at what he’d been typing and sees nothing but the word Juliette over and over.












Bill and April have finally reached the shelter, and he tucks her into bed that night, letting her know that he’d have to go into town for more supplies in the morning. She clearly doesn’t want him to go, but knows he has to do it.  Back at the spice shop, Monroe gets another call from Rosalee, during which he realizes he’d put the wrong ingredient into the potion. When he asks how bad it is from 1-10, Rosalee tells him it’s an 11. In the morning, Bill leaves April in the shelter and tells her not to go anywhere and that he’ll return in about 4 hours. In the meantime, Nick, Hank and Sgt. Wu organize a search team with dogs who find the hidden, buried shelter just as Bill returns. He heads off, and Nick finds April and tells her that everything’s going to be okay and she’ll be safe now. She hugs him tightly and doesn’t let go.













Monroe heads over to Leroy’s apartment with the antidote to the bad potion he’d given him. He hears wild cackling and enters the apartment to find it practically destroyed, then watches in horror as Leroy takes a chainsaw to an old clock. The crazed man then comes after Monroe with a frying pan, but Monroe closes a door and Leroy knocks himself out when he runs into it. Monroe quickly puts the antidote into the device on Leroy’s head.












Nick, Hank and Sgt. Wu try to get more information out of April, but the Child Services representative arrives to take her to a foster family for a few days. They then hear that Granger went by the family home and was told which hospital his wife was in, so they rush over there. They come in to find Granger holding his wife’s hand, and when they put handcuffs on him and try to take him away, she protests and says they have to tell the truth – April is the one who hurt her and killed the other people. At first Nick and Hank don’t believe the pair, but they go on to explain that the change has come early – they didn’t expect it to happen until she was 13 – and they can’t control her. Nick and Hank realize the danger the foster family is in and head to their house, but they’re too late – April has attacked the father, savaging his arm. She smiles at Nick with blood on her teeth. Back at the station, a woman from the Department of Corrections Juvenile Division arrives to see Nick about April. She’s a friend of Monroe’s and a Lowen, and she plans to make sure April is housed in her block because she can control her.

Nick and Juliette have a nice dinner at home that evening, and he tells her that sometimes on nights like these, they would dance. She says that’s a memory she needs to have, and they begin slow dancing, and then kissing. But Juliette suddenly breaks it off when she looks at Nick and sees Renard’s face instead. Nick asks what’s wrong, but she tells him nothing and disappears upstairs.













The dream sequence at the beginning of the episode was just plain mean! It’s seeming more and more unlikely that “Happily Ever After” is going to happen for Juliette and Nick, but that scene was a horrible tease. And then they’re dancing and kissing at the end of the episode and Juliette freaks out. Poor Nick – every time it seems like things are improving with Juliette, something happens and it’s as if they take a big step backwards.

It also looks like the bond that the waking potion created between Renard and Juliette is growing – maybe because they finally saw one another? They’re both feeling it, and although it’s clear that neither wants these feelings, it also seems like they don’t have much choice. It doesn’t look good.

Hank finding out more about the Wesen world, and more importantly that Monroe saved his life, continues to cement his relationship with Nick as well as the one with Monroe. It’s nice to see that Nick has one so-called “normal” person on his side, who’s willing to stick with him even though this is some seriously freaky stuff.

Adalind is back, hooray! I just love her mix of sweet and wicked – and now, she’s even more pissed off because someone killed her mother. This doesn’t bode well for Renard, Nick, Juliette, Hank… well, probably all of Portland is in danger. She’s got many, many axes to grind, and I can’t wait until next week to find out what she’s plotting!

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