Jensen Ackles Talks Supernatural’s New Season at Comic Con 2012

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Supernatural’s season seven finale left off with Sam alone on Earth after Ghost Bobby finally crossed-over while Dean and Cas get stuck in purgatory as a side effect to using the ancient weapon Dean and Sam forged to kill Dick Roman. Crowley took off with the genius prophet, Kevin. But hey, Baby’s back, though in need of some repair….again.

At the end of the finale, we get a glimpse of Dean in purgatory with Castiel just before Cas disappears seeming to leave Dean on his own. Season eight picks up nearly a year later when Dean gets out of purgatory and reunites with Sam to bring Kevin back from Crowley’s clutches. So what happened to Dean in purgatory? Did Cas really leave him to fend for himself? What will the repercussions be from an entire Earth year in purgatory?

As Jensen Ackles puts it, after Dean’s escape, the past year will be peeled away like an onion throughout the season. Fans will get a glimpse of relationships, what happened to Castiel and how Dean escaped during season eight in flashbacks as Sam and Dean talk about what happened in the year that passed. And Dean will emerge with a sense of clarity and purpose. He will come back understanding that hunting is what he’s here to do and will work on reeling Sam back in to that life.

Watch the entire video on Dean and the new season of Supernatural as well as Jensen’s foray into directing and don’t forget to tune in to the all new season of Supernatural premiering October 3 on the CW at 9/8C!

Carrie Hildebrand