LUST – Indie Success In Motion and a Word with the Men Behind It

By now if you’re into comics you’ve probably all heard about the amazing success of my friends Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, and Menton J Matthews III in 44FLOOD’s latest “LUST” Kickstarter project. Needless to say I was beyond thrilled see them not only reach their goal before I even had a chance to write a feature on it but to also go on to surpass their asking $4400 goal to what is currently sitting at a phenomenal $47,213 with a full 22 days left to pledge.


Ben Templesmith, Steve Niles, and Menton J. Matthews III are as talented as they are supportive and kind, I have no problem at all seeing why this gorgeous project has made such massive waves as it followed up 44FLOOD’s previously overwhelmingly successful “TOME” Kickstarter. Niles, Templesmith, and Menton are each directly connected to their fan bases in ways only creators with their level of heart and passion can be and as such their fans display that same level of heart and passion for each of them in all that they do. Needless to say, the trio of Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, and M3 are an unbeatable force any day of the week, and I am so very proud of them.


Before sitting down to write this I asked them all what this awesome wave of support had been like.


“We’re blown away by the support of unorthodox projects, really.” Templesmith replied. “It’s kind of amazing proof that those trying new things can be rewarded instead of just those happy with the status quo.”


“People willing to support new things are truly precious and it feels great to connect with them on the ground floor of it all. As that’s what Kickstarter and crowdfunding is all about.” He offered.


“I feel like the luckiest fan boy in the world.” Menton stated genuinely. “I get to do a project with some of my favorite creators. In the truest since of the sense of the words, it is a dream come true for me.”


“And to add to it we are all working on a project and a subject matter that is something I truly want to explore on an artistic level.”


“I was nervous about doing a Kickstarter.” Steve admitted. “But I knew if I was going to do one, Templesmith and Menton were the guys to do it with.”


“I’m so excited and grateful for all the positive feedback.” He went on. “We are really trying to push boundaries and the reaction so far has fueled me even more to try and do something different, outside the mainstream.”


Each answer made me grin in that way only genuine indie responses can. That’s what makes a project like this so very special in a mainstream world. Hell, it’s what makes creators like Templesmith, Niles, and Menton3 so very special in any world, and as such one can always be proud to support them in anything they do. Always. Which is why I was not shocked at all to see that while I was sitting here typing this the support for “LUST” climbed up to now $47,241. Keep up the good work guys, obviously we can’t wait to read it. -N

Nicole Sixx