“Dumb Ways to Die” – Clever Musical Short Could Save Your Life

Courtesy DumbWaysToDie.com

Sometimes it seems like just about everything in this world could kill you in one way or another.  A little education could just save your life and Dumb Ways to Die sets out to accomplish this goal in a hilariously entertaining way.  I promise you’ll never find a happier way to stay safe.

The program was sponsored by Melbourne’s metropolitan rail service as a way to keep people from acting stupid around train tracks, but this little video covers a wide array of ways you might meet your demise.  You can visit the Dumb Ways to Die website to download a free MP3 of the song, buy the single by Tangerine Kitty on iTunes, watch the video, and get tips on how to behave properly at a train station.

Dumb Ways to Die Website


Tangerine Kitty on SoundCloud


Melbourne’s Metro Train Website


{Thanks to Laughing Squid}

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