Grimm Review – Season of the Hexenbiest

Once Juliette and Renard stop kissing and Monroe and Juliette see each other, Juliette runs out of the spice shop, with Renard following. But she just drives off without talking to him. Renard also doesn’t notice that two bikers in black are following him. The bikers then head to a Portland hotel where they meet up with their boss – Adalind Shade.












Both Juliette and Monroe call Nick and tell him they need to talk to him. Nick heads to Monroe’s after work, and Monroe tells him that Juliette came in with another man, and that they were kissing. Nick is understandably upset and heads home to hear what Juliette has to say. She tells him that she’s been having feelings for another man, and she doesn’t know why and doesn’t want to, but she can’t seem to stop it. She’s just about to tell him who it is when Nick says he doesn’t want to know, and it’s none of his business anyway. They’re both trying to avoid tears when Nick gets up and leaves the house. Juliette goes to Monroe’s house and falls into his arms, finally crying.












Hank is making dinner at home when there’s a knock on his door – it’s Adalind, who’s come to apologize and ask about her mother’s murder. Hank isn’t impressed and seems relieved when she leaves. He’s about to call Nick when he’s attacked by two Hundjager. Captain Renard is heading up to his apartment when the two bikers stop the elevator and get in with him, showing him the marks on their hands. They wait with him until Adalind shows up and tells him that he has 48 hours to get the key from Nick – or she’ll tell Nick his true identity and that he was responsible for Aunt Marie’s murder.












Nick is woken the next morning by a call from Sgt. Wu telling him about the attack on Hank and that he’s been taken to the hospital. Nick rushes to the hospital and waits until Hank wakes up. Hank tells him about Adalind’s visit and Nick’s sure that Adalind is behind the attack. He’s immediately worried that Adalind may try to harm Juliette again and tries calling her, but he’s too late – Adalind has just arrived at their house as Juliette was leaving. Nick goes to the house, but there’s no one there. Then, he hears footsteps and nearly shoots Monroe, who’d arrived to check on Juliette, too.












Meanwhile, Juliette is still ignoring Nick’s calls while she and Adalind talk in a local coffee shop. Strangely enough, Adalind keeps asking questions about Nick and his possessions, really latching on when Juliette mentions Aunt Marie’s trailer. Sgt. Wu manages to triangulate Juliette’s cell signal and finds she’s at the coffee shop, and this time when Nick calls, she answers. When Nick asks who she’s with, she gets upset but finally admits she’s with Adalind. Nick asks to speak to her, and Adalind invites him to come see them. Nick arrives with Sgt. Wu, Captain Renard and many more officers and arrests Adalind. Juliette gets angry at Nick, feeling like he used her to get to Adalind. Nick says he was worried about her, and Juliette tells him to stop. Back at the station, Nick interviews Adalind while Renard watches, but it doesn’t go well. She tells him at the end that if he’d just give her the key, this would all be over. Renard asks Nick about that, but Nick says he doesn’t know what Adalind’s talking about. Renard goes to talk to Adalind, and she tells him about Aunt Marie’s trailer. He gets someone to search for it.













Monroe stops by Hank’s house, suspecting that his attack was perpetrated by Wesen. He immediately can smell that Hundjager had been in the house, and calls Nick. Now they know that she’s working for the Royals. Nick tells him to head over to the hotel where Adalind has a room. He knocks on the door, asking for Leroy, but the man who answered tells him “Wrong room” and shuts the door in his face.  He calls Nick and tells him to head over. Nick stops by the trailer and grabs the key as well as a spiked weapon. Monroe then knocks on the door again and forces himself into the room, insisting that his friend Leroy must be there. He’s shoved out of the room and heads down the hall, but a moment later the four Hundjager follow. They all end up outside in a parking lot; Nick arrives and the fight is on. The two quickly take down the Hundjager, and Monroe leaves with all the evidence.












Nick heads back to the station and confronts Adalind in her cell, telling her that he knows she’s working for the Royals. She admits it’s true, and then also admits that she’d tried to kill his aunt. She also tells him that the order came from the Royal in Portland, and that she’ll tell Nick the person’s name if he gives her the key. But Nick wants no part of her games. Nick heads home and goes into the bedroom where Juliette is trying to sleep, announcing that he’s not sleeping on the couch anymore. She tells him he’s not sleeping in the bedroom. He says that he knows and begins to pack. Then he goes to Monroe’s house, where his friend already has the spare bedroom ready for him. Then, Monroe tells him he has something to show him. He’d seen the man who’d been kissing Juliette on the news and taped it. As the clip of Renard plays, Nick looks shocked.
















Then Renard arrives at Aunt Marie’s trailer and… To Be Continued!  ARGH!
















Another fantastic episode! Claire Coffee is once again brilliant as Adalind, playing her two sides – wicked and sweet – with equal aplomb. David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, Sasha Roiz and Silas Weir Mitchell were also at the top of their games as their characters went through a wide range of emotions and issues, both supernatural and all-too-human. Reggie Lee was wonderful as always, although I missed him getting in a good zinger as he does most episodes – still, this one was very serious. I definitely miss Bree Turner and am happy she’ll be back in the next episodes!

There’s a lot up in the air, as with any good cliffhanger. Will Adalind continue to play both Renard and Nick? What happens if Renard misses the deadline? What will Renard do in Aunt Marie’s trailer, since we know he won’t find the key? What will Nick do with the knowledge that Renard is the one involved with Juliette? Will Renard and Juliette ever get help at the spice shop? Will Nick find out that Renard is the Portland Royal? Are Nick and Juliette completely over?

This episode brought far more questions than answers, but hopefully it’ll be just over a month until the new episodes start again – I can’t find an exact date, but keep checking on Twitter. We’ll report it as soon as we know!


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