Official Trailer for Stephenie Meyer’s ‘The Host’ In Theaters March 29th

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From author Stephenie Meyer, a new love tale comes on the heels of Twilights end this November. The host, is set in the future where earth has been taken over by a species of aliens who erase the memory of their human host and take over their bodies. With few humans left, one girl fights back against the alien trying to take over her body.

The story seems to run a very close parallel to Meyers current book series Twilight. Watching the recently released trailer it both gave me hope for the film and has me cringing. Now I have not read the book, and books tend to almost always be better than the movies made after them. What worries me is the trailer seems to boil down the entire plot in 1 simple phrase: Girl loves boy, boy forbidden to love girl now because she isn’t human, boy and girl defy everyone and all hell breaks loose. The basic idea is very much like Twilight but this story has some hope where the Twilight movies didn’t. I say the Twilight movies, as my friends point out the books were far better than the movies and were not as ‘love sick’ as the movies made the story out to be.

What do I like? The idea of an alien race, who is unable to take a physical form, takes over the human body in a very public manner and the remaining humans must fight back. This is a classic body-snatcher tale however they don’t hide the invasion like in other films. There is something to be said about being open and clear that an alien race could quickly and easily take us over without having to hide.

The film may benefit from the growing story telling method of starting AFTER the invasion. Like Falling Skies and The Walking Dead, the story is about surviving after the attack, not watching the same old invasion story where we watch the humans win every time stopping the invasion from happening.

Here are 2 trailers for the film and the poster. What do you think? Have you read the book or does the trailer make you excited to see this film?

THE HOST hits theaters nationwide March 29th, 2013!

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Robert Prentice