Steve Niles Interview – “Final Night” (By Nicole Sixx)

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It’s no secret how excited I am for “Final Night”, the highly anticipated Dark Horse Comics and IDW crossover of “30 Days of Night” and “Criminal Macabre”. Written by Steve Niles and Arted by Christopher Mitten it promises to be an amazing action packed final showdown that I can’t wait to review for you all very soon here. In the meantime I sat down with Dark Horse and Steve Niles to bring you guys a quick interview and artistic preview peeking into the world of delightful graphic horror my two friends have in store for you this holiday season. Enjoy. –N


Nicole Sixx: You and Cal have been through a lot over the years, what’s one of the best parts of writing a character like Cal?

Steve Niles: He’s a lot braver and smarter than I am so I love seeing where he’ll take me. I’ve been writing him so long now I really feel like he’s a separate human.

NS: When it comes to vampires you obviously take great care to do them right, what do you find makes a vampire come off as realistic in fiction?

SN: I don’t know about realistic. Realism doesn’t interest me much. What I like about vampires is making them dark, land sharks, with no need for humans beside the blood inside them. That makes them monsters and that’s what it’s supposed to be about.


NS: Obviously “Final Night” will be mostly centered around vampires while Cal himself is a Ghoul, can we expect any other creatures of the night to make an appearance?

SN: We have some werewolves coming in but mostly this will be the ultimate showdown between vampires and ghouls.

NS: As you come to the end of one of these two long-running story lines, what are your feelings as a creator?

SN: Extremely unsure of myself. I know it’s time to end one of them but deciding which has been torture. No matter which series goes away, there’s a lot of history and I’ll be a little sad to see it go.




“The only horror crossover of 2012.  It’s a must read.” – Aub Driver, Dark Horse Comics

Nicole Sixx