The Aquabats Super Show Looks Forward to A Bright and Super Future!

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As The Aquabats Super Show goes about shooting its next season I felt the happy urge to write a quick bite for you all and provide some footage you all might have missed from their panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The panel was moderated by none other than Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and at the time The Aquabats themselves remained uncertain if there would be a second season but they put the good vibes out there into the universe (with hand gestures and all) and I was beyond delighted when they broke the news. (As I’m sure was Way himself as it was his hinted desire to be involved with the next season while moderating that led to Christian Jacobs informing us at the time that a second season was not yet official.)

Thanks to The Hub and the awesome Aquabats I was also allowed to attend their epic concert the following night from up top in the balcony and I captured some of their brilliant performance in a few videos I’ve also included in this piece.

The Aquabats full first season is available on iTunes, get caught up now and prepare for more fun in season two! –N








Nicole Sixx