Death Descends on Los Angeles In Niles and Mitten’s Final Night #1

finalnight1*SPOILERS* Out today from Dark Horse Comics and IDW!


Familiar faces come out to meet in the hot pungent dark of a foreboding Los Angeles eve. Some faces are friendly, some are not. Some hide by night and descend upon an unsuspecting suburbia like a plague of blood and damnation, tearing down all life in their wake and re-birthing it anew. Turning the unsuspecting city into something dark and vile, Los Angeles has been set for a feast, and the table is war.

As always Steve Niles and Christopher Mitten flow seamlessly together, Mitten putting flesh to the soul of Niles’ characters and world in perfectly paced horror form. Horror comics are not an easy composition but Niles and Mitten are masters accordingly, leading you down a path of haunting imagery and cutting dialogue that will have you entranced by every perfect panel.

Nicole Sixx

Nicole Sixx