Deck the Ladders – Was Maddox Working With Vickie to Screw AJ?

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wwe_logo-1Festivities and cheer abounded in this week’s RAW as the WWE Universe prepared eagerly for TLC. Ladders, tables, and chairs were strewn about the arena from entry to ring and the lights opened to show the foretelling sight of Dolph Ziggler atop a ladder of his own mid-ring, his Money In The Bank brief case suspended above him with care as he proceeded to declare Vince McMahon nothing short of Santa Claus this year as he’d gifted John Cena with the chance to claim said briefcase at TLC. Ziggler assured the audience that he would defeat Cena and then finally go on to cash in his long (some have speculated too long) held Money In The Bank to take on the Big Show for the Heavyweight Championship. It was at this moment that Sheamus felt the need to come out and clear up where he felt Ziggler was mistaken, assuring Dolph and the WWE Universe that Ziggler could go on to defeat Cena all he pleased but when it came to cashing in that briefcase it wouldn’t be Big Show he’d be facing, but the Celtic Warrior himself.

Big Show appeared and was remiss that due to his and Sheamus’ “No-Contact” clause he couldn’t show Sheamus how he felt about his words right here and now, Sheamus matched his enthusiasm but uped the ante by declaring that just because he couldn’t take on Big Show did not mean he couldn’t take on someone. The Celtic Warrior then unceremoniously tipped over Ziggler’s ladder, racking the “self-made” Floridan Show-Off on the ropes.

This display led Mr. Vince “Santa Claus” McMahon to pleasantly manipulate Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero into three epic matches for the evening, Sheamus versus Ziggler, Cena versus Big Show, and finally very much against her own will Vickie herself against Jersey Girl AJ Lee before all of Lee’s local family and friends.

AJ is a particular taste of bouncy psychotic, like my love for watermelon martinis, and as such hers is a unique sort of romantic amour that while adorable to myself and many seemed a bit taxing this RAW for Cena himself as she took another trip to the gentleman’s locker room in excitement for her impending match. Cena’s best quality is that he is one straight arrow… AJ is more like a pogo stick. It does seem that things might get tight for this pair further down the road if Cena’s strained reactions are any sign.

AJ was quite obviously delighted to have a chance to get her hands on Vickie but in a sick twist Brad Maddox, the WWE Universe’s worst referee on staff somehow was chosen to referee their match. This has yet to be explained, however whatever Maddox’s motives the previously disgraced referee showed clear favoritism to Guerrero by ignoring AJ’s pin, causing AJ to be caught off guard when trying to get through to him as he stared boredly off into the crowd. Only when Vickie took advantage of this scene did he turn and count AJ out.

AJ in a powerful tiny tornado of fury tore around the ring, pounding and wrecking people and tables nearby, her shrieks of fury earning an echoed uproar from her Jersey brethren.

AJ was better later as she requested to join Cena at his match, however Cena insisted she stay out of it and AJ to her credit held back, not even coming to the stage when The Shield lay into Cena. Luckily for Cena however Team Hell No was having none of that tonight and they marched to ring with matching looks of determined fury. (Kane always has a look of determination or fury, seeing Bryan match his partner’s dark look only shows how serious these two are about taking out these ruthless vigilantes at TLC.)

Ziggler who had been sitting ringside giving commentary seized the opportunity to wage his own attack on Cena, unfortunately for Cena Big Show clearly wasn’t done with him yet either and in a dash Sheamus was in the ring as well, both Sheamus and Big Show careful not to lay hands on each other as the crowd chanted “Feed Me More”, begging Ryback to come to his TLC team’s aid. Ryback heeded the call and as the all out brawl wagged all thoughts must be on what is sure to be an amazing lineup at TLC.

Do you guys think Vickie arranged with Maddox to help her defeat AJ? Could she have possibly won without fixing the referee given her questionable… er… wrestling moves (??) and even more questionable stretching methods? Feel free to comment below, and please keep it friendly!


Nicole Sixx



Nicole Sixx