Faustus Faces a True Hero’s Trial in Oeming’s The Victories #5

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victories5*SPOILERS* Out today from Dark Horse Comics!

The city The Victories watch over is not safe, it is infected with a dark sick cancer that has grown over the years to a hungry and ungiving mass. Fresh with the memories of his former teacher’s twisted betrayal, Faustus now realizes this more than anyone save perhaps his new found ally, The Jackal. Sick with cold despair and cynical realization he makes a deal with the proverbial devil, Jackal will kill him and he will kill his master.

The Victories crosses boundaries with every page from issue one till now, providing its reader-base with not only a strongly realistic team of all human cultures and personalities but touching on subjects like drug addiction, and rape in an honest format no matter how taboo. Faustus speaks the language of a modern civilian, The Jackal the nagging fear in our darkest hearts, can Faustus go through this journey and its unexpected outcome and ever be the same should he survive?

We’ll find out, The Victories is far from over.

Nicole Sixx

Nicole Sixx