Hellboy in Hell #1 – It Was the Worst of Times And It Was One Great Issue

Hellboy in Hell #1 is an issue that grips you from beginning to end. It’s full of action, laughs, and the wonderful artistic teamwork of Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart.

Hellboy in Hell #1 starts off with a conversation of two observers at the time of Hellboy’s death. Technically it starts off with a wonderfully written brief recap of Hellboy’s history that made me smile, but from right there we dive into the thick of it. Hellboy has died, and down, down,down he goes.

The observers watch and finally an intervention is attempted, thus our journey and Hellboy’s truly begins as he wanders the dark dreamy labyrinth of the underworld. You get the notion right away that this is a realm where anything can happen, and also when it comes to bad faces long since forgotten, anyone can be met along the way.

Mignola makes great use of the shadows and darkness, which Stewart enhances in ways fantastic to behold. Mignola also makes great use of the written word, not only in dialogue, but in culture, history, and literature.

Over all I suppose the best part about Hellboy in Hell #1 is it a comic in the series anyone can start. Old, new, familiar reader but have fallen behind, this comic is for you. Go pick it up today, and dive into a whole new world unlike any you’ve ever dreamed.


Nicole Sixx



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