Supernatural: Citizen Fang Recap/Review

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Great music plays as we see an authentic bayou diner come into view.  I just know that it has to be a Supernatural that is going to bring it back to its roots of crazy supernatural the boys need to hunt as rock music plays on in the back ground, and I am giddy.  However, I’m not sure this week’s show really lived up to the promise the beginning brought to me.  It wasn’t a bad episode, but not what I was thinking.

The authentic bayou diner is the place where Benny, the vampire, is working.  Sam has sent their friend Martin, who has been released from a mental hospital, to follow him to see what he has been up too, and what he finds out doesn’t look great for Benny.

Martin calls Sam to let him know that as he followed Benny he stumbled on a vampire victim right where Benny had dropped out of sight.  As Sam informs Dean that he had Mostly ok Martin following Benny, Dean’s annoyance picks up.  A heated discussion breaks out between the boys, but Dean does agree to check it out.

Arriving in Louisiana the boys meet up with Martin who is gung-ho about ganking Benny, but Dean is adamant that he needs time to check this out to make sure that it is Benny doing the killing.   With Sam’s backing Dean sets out to find Benny.

Arriving at the diner Dean, in true fashion, hits on Elizabeth who he later finds out is Benny’s great-grand daughter.  Elizabeth fills him in about Benny.  She tells him that he has gone fishing for a few days at Mill Creek.  Before Dean leaves the diner he gives her his phone number telling her that if Roy (the name Benny is going by) shows up before he finds him to call.

When Dean catches up with good ole Benny he finds him washing his hands of blood.  Benny tells Dean that he just buried victim number two, but that he isn’t the killer.  He shares with Dean that a rogue Vamp, by the name of Desmond, wants Benny to join the new nest he is creating and when Benny refused he decided to start killing people in town until Benny gives in.

Dean believes Benny, but then tells him how amped up Sam and Martin are about taking him out.  He convinces Benny to sit on the sidelines as he tries to convince the other two hunters that Benny is not the killer.  However the convincing goes sour when Martin, who is itching to get back into hunting it seems, clocks Dean from behind and then he and Sam take off to hunt Benny and the possible rogue vampire down.

When Dean comes to he calls Benny up and the two of the decide to meet up and go after Desmond themselves.  When Sam and Martin arrive at Benny’s camp they find it empty and Sam gets a text from Amelia stating that she needed his help and to come right away.  Ditching Martin in the middle of nowhere Sam takes off like a bat out of hell to go rescue his damsel in distress.

Dean and Benny meet up and they take out Desmond but not before Dean gets taken down a peg and his neck slashed.  We see a glimmer of hope when Benny fights his urge to drain Dean of his blood, and then we actually feel bad for the guy when it is realized that he has to leave his only family now that hunters know he was in the area.  Benny heads out-of-town and Dean is off to find Sam.

Martin is dejected for being ditched and for not getting to kill his monster.  He walks back into town and calls Benny from Elizabeth’s cell phone.  Threatening Elizabeth Benny has no choice but to come back and face Martin.  When Benny shows up he finds that Elizabeth is tied up and Martin is out for blood.  Benny wants to know why Martin is doing this and Martin tells him he wants his head on a stake. Benny lays his head on the counter and whispers sorry to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, who is covered in blood, calls Dean and tells him he needs to get there quick. Arriving at the diner Dean finds Benny gone and Martin dead.

During this episode we get to witness more flash backs of Sam’s life with Amelia.  After she learned that Don was alive she felt torn about what to do.  Don was her husband but Sam made her happy and he felt right.  Sam remembers Don finding him at the bar and telling him that he hadn’t expected to come home after being captured and tortured to find his wife in love with another man.  He told Sam that he loved her and only she knew what was best for her life and she alone was the only one that could make the decision for her life, and that if Sam loved her he would respect whatever decision she made.  Don’s speech really affected Sam and he planned on leaving Amelia and when she caught him in the act he gave her a speech that she needed to give Don a chance just as she gave him one and then make up her mind.

Arriving in Kermit, Texas Sam approaches Amelia’s  house as if there were trouble inside.  What he sees through the window sends him into a whirlwind of sadness and it seems that something he has held together inside his heart has burst.  He sees Don and Amelia snuggling up with one another on her couch.

Realizing what happened he called the phone that the text came from and reached his brother.  Dean explained to him that was the only way he could get him to back off Benny and that he wanted to tell him about everything that happened.  After hearing Martin died Sam seems to lose more faith in his brother and hangs up on him.  Turning around to leave the bar he was holding up in he runs right into Amelia.

Well as I said this wasn’t my favorite episode but it was far from the worst one.  I felt it was lacking the free-flowing comedy the boys normally give us and it wasn’t as exciting as a lot of others, but it did give us some insight on Benny and Sam and Amelia’s life.  I still have faith in my favorite show and no matter what I feel about the episode from week to week I will be an undying fan till the day the show goes off the air.

Well Supernatural and these articles will be on hiatus for the next couple weeks.  Supernatural returns on January 16th and I will be back with my recap and review that same week. So all you wayward children out there be safe and I wish this hiatus bearable for you all.

Jennifer Rux