The Goat and The Walrus – Could CM Punk have defeated Ryback?

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*SPOILERS* and Commentary from WWE RAW (12/03/2012)



Daniel Bryan has always been a secret bemused little pleasure of mine as I enjoy his exasperated goatish presence ever since AJ started in on him earlier this year. As such this episode of RAW was particularly enjoyable as Daniel Bryan and Kane decided to take it to the mattresses with those new vigilante thugs in town, The Shield.

Now, The Shield claim to be about setting right the injustice of what they consider to be the great “popularity” contest that has become the WWE. Their methods, particularly the ganging up and violently boot-stomping then tri-dropping of seemingly innocent WWE pro-wrestlers, have been highly suspect since their first appearance in that now historic match between Ryback and CM Punk. Even more suspect has been the fact that their actions seem to suspiciously support Punk himself.

To make matters worse The Shield launched a devastating attack on Kane and Bryan after they won their first match of the night, pinning Kane’s arm between the stairs and ring and repeatedly stomping him out until nothing was in their way to treating Daniel Bryan to their increasingly trademark boot and tri-drop approach.

These actions were so very questionable amongst others that when Paul Heyman came out with CM Punk to insist the WWE Universe wasn’t getting enough Punk in their WWE Encyclopedia for the holidays this year, The Miz felt the need to don his “M’ mic and get a few things off his mind, not the least of which being Heyman’s uncanny resemblance to a Walrus. Now, while we have to admit that CM Punk has proven himself time and time again despite his ever-growing unpopularity with the WWE universe (outside of certain guys I know from My Chemical Romance who love him regardless) things have gotten mighty questionable ever since Brad Maddox suckerpunched Ryback and many do not believe that Punk can beat Ryback without interference.

The Miz, clearly being one of them, goaded CM Punk into coming on his talkshow and taking a lie detector test. The stakes were amped when Vince McMahon came on stage and forcibly led Vickie into not only providing for me the very satisfying line up of Dolph and Cena in a ladder match for Ziggler’s “Money in the Bank” at TLC, but also that if Punk was caught lying Heyman would also have a match… against Ryback. (Oh little Oysters, it’s Feeding Time.)

Well, was there any surprise when The Miz’s show was interrupted just before Punk could answer under lie detection whether or not he was truly involved with the actions of The Shield or fame masochist Brad Maddox that he was interrupted and all the equipment destroyed by none other than The Shield themselves? No, whoever is behind The Shield either wants to keep suspicion on Punk, or is Punk himself. Either way, the truth would be damning to whatever The Shield’s real agenda is.

Miz was disgraced and beaten down, the boot and tri-drop put to him just as it had been to all of Punk’s previous opposition. However, as Punk joyously reveled in Miz’s defeat Daniel and Kane showed up to get a little Team Hell No revenge, and Ryback wasn’t far behind making it three on three as they wiped the floor with The Shield.

Ryback wasn’t finished there, however. No, Ryback has been hungry for some Punk for a long time and tonight was feeding time.

As he stood over Punk’s defeated form everyone had to remember the way the lie detector test had spiked when Punk said he believed he could beat Ryback without help. Whether or not it was a lie, the time will come when Punk will have to prove he can, or how can you really call yourself the best in the world?

Do you believe Punk would’ve beaten Ryback at TLC? Comment below, and try and keep it friendly, we only love to hate ’em because they’re so good at playing the roles written for them. –N

Nicole Sixx