Tiny Punk and Santa Sockos – Did Del Rio Hit Santa on Purpose?

wwe_logo-1*SPOILERS* and Commentary from WWE RAW (12/24/2012)

The night started off with a major shock as Alberto Del Rio hit Santa with his BMW. Santa was immediately hauled off, his condition unknown on the worst night of the year, Christmas Eve. Everyone was clearly upset over the ordeal even Kane who has his own close relationship with Santa and took out his rage on the unfortunate Cody Rhodes. (And perhaps his even more unfortunate mustache…)

John Cena however took it hardest of all and so when Santa declared that he wanted someone to take Del Rio down in a Miracle on 34th Street Anything Goes match, Cena was his man.

Great WWE matches seemed to be the gift of the season. Kofi Kingston and The Miz came together in the Holiday Spirit, putting aside past rivalry to show exceptional team work and badass maneuvering in the ring. (Very impressive speed and agility from both.) Big Show and Sheamus provided an epic Lumberjack Frost match in which neither would go down. Indeed, the match carried on so long without either’s submission or defeat that the Lumberjack Frost twelve surrounding the ring got into the fray. This all-out brawl led to a twelve man, six on six match later on that night as the crowd roared.

The crowd wasn’t the only thing roaring this Christmas Eve as AJ and Dolph exchanged gifts by the tree, mistletoe, and fire. As impressed as Ziggler was with his gift of a certain Money in the Bank briefcase, he was equally delighted at AJ’s new uniform turning his shirt that once declared him to be Stealing the Show, And Your Girlfriend into a fact of prophecy. She also read him a story about how they’d come together and he hung on every word. (To be fair, Ziggler probably is the WWE’s best butt-wiggler.)

From the look on Dolph’s face… and the condition in which they left that poor tree, I suspect this was Ziggler’s best Christmas ever.

Poor Little Tiny Punk however was finding his own Christmas not so bright as he took to the stage to explain just how Ryback had ruined Christmas for the WWE Universe… and Hanukkah as well. (Very grim.)

For being on crutches Punk sure did his best to run from a match with Ryback but Ryback was having none of it, insisting that the Champ and he had a little unfinished business in two weeks if he was fit for it, and they’d be having this match the way it should have been.

With tables, with ladders, and with chairs.

Finally it was time and Cena opened up gift after gift and even a tree on Del Rio as Del Rio continued to insist it was an accident. Ricardo Rodriguez for his part tried to help Del Rio but unfortunately the gifts of teddy bears and pie didn’t really pack the right punch in the ring and it wasn’t long before Santa himself came out and finished them both off personally.

Was it an accident? I personally believe it was, but either way it’s just good to have Santa back on his feet. Till next year then, big guy.

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