Yes! No!! Wooooo! Damn! – Can Anyone Stop The Shield?

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wwe_logo-1First off, how awesome was it to see AJ hit Vickie where it hurts… right smack on Dolph Ziggler’s lips? As Vickie presented the award for best kiss to AJ and Cena a fight broke out which Ziggler rushed out onto stage to break up, AJ realizing that she did need to touch Vickie to get her when she was already touching Ziggler AJ jumped up into his arms and gave the Show-Off one her most impressive kisses to date as Vickie screamed NOOOOO!!! over and over again in distraught horror. For his part Ziggler must have enjoyed it because when the kiss showed no signs of slowing he wrapped his arms back around the mischievous diva and reciprocated.

Rumors were already abounding as everyone wondered why AJ had tipped over that ladder at TLC, knocking Cena down before he could claim his prize of money in the bank and Vickie’s wheels had begun turning. Later as Big Show lay unconscious in the ring via his own massive metal chair and a very much deserved Brouge Kick to the head, Dolph burst out of nowhere with a referee in tow ready to cash in his money in the bank and become the World Heavyweight Champion right then and there. Cena was having none of it, however, and swiftly took him down. Ziggler in a rage of fury confronted Vickie demanding to know how she could let this happen and Vickie in turn asked him just what was going on between him and AJ. Dolph rejected the idea of there being anything either at TLC in the case of Cena, or period. He did point out that given Vickie’s position, he and Vickie were clearly no longer in a relationship, and took it further to say that her jealousy was getting old and ugly, just like her. Enraged, Vickie gave him a chance to take on Cena with AJ, but Cena’s partner would be her.

AJ left the match and as Ziggler and Cena faced off in a seemingly even matched physicality to be honest, AJ came back with Big E Langston in tow. Shocking to everybody Langston then took down Cena himself, leaving everyone to wonder a genuine WTF? as AJ skipped around him bringing a close to the night. (I actually have some theories about what my favorite tiny wild card might be up too, it’ll be interesting regardless!)

Also of note was CM Punk coming out with Heyman in a fury as Cena bequeathed his award for Superstar of the Year to presenter Nature Boy Ric Flair While Punk made an honestly pretty compelling argument for why he was a far more deserving winner than Flair who was clearly not even eligible) or Cena (who it’s true, hasn’t exactly been winning lately) he also offended Flair (and the Philly audience) greatly and so when he said that he could beat Flair on one leg, Flair decided to take it to the ring. Dirty shots abounded and things did not work out so well for Heyman who ended up taking the brunt of the beating as Punk had to flee. The Shield was on the ring in seconds, hoisting Nature Boy up and reatdy to drop him on the evacuated and decimated announcer’s table. Team Hell No ran out to interrupt them and later came Ryback to help finish them off. Bryan, Kane, and Ryback the climbed back into the ring triumphantly with Flair and hoisted him victoriously on their shoulders.

The Shield wasn’t done though, backstage they went, harassing and stomping their way through any declared opposition. As The Shield continues to terrorize the WWE Universe with their unchecked brand of self-proclaimed justice one has to wonder, can anyone stop the shield?

Nicole Sixx

Nicole Sixx