Grimm Is Coming Back and It’s More Intense Than Ever!

cat8Although we’ve still got a few months to wait for Grimm to return, the fine folks at NBC decided to give us a teaser from the Television Critics Association panel today. See how much they manage to pack into just 2 minutes!

We go from a nice look back at what’s already happened on the show to the fact that Nick is done with reacting – he’s going to take charge and act!  We already knew that his nemesis, Adalind, is working for the Royals. We still don’t know much about the Royals – will we finally learn more as Nick digs deeper? The teaser also reveals that Nick will finally find out that the Royal in Portland is none other than his boss! The quick bit we see of the fight scene between Nick and Renard looks amazing – and it’s satisfying to look forward to as well. As Nick states in the clip, “…he’s been playing me for a long time.” Oh, how right you are, Nick.

We also see that the mysterious key is once again the focus. Nick knows it’s a partial map, but where are the other keys? Do the Royals already have them? Renard was just going into Aunt Marie’s trailer at the end of the last episode – we know he won’t find the key there, but what will he make of everything else in the trailer?

Rosalee is finally back! Will she be able to do anything about the spell Adalind put on Juliette? With Nick having moved out of the house and knowing that Renard is the one Juliette is getting involved with, things are looking pretty dire for their relationship. Speaking of relationships, will Rosalee and Monroe ever get a chance to move forward with theirs? I still hope the issue of different Wesen species getting together is addressed since we haven’t seen that before in the show.

The clip ends with Nick asking, “Does anything not end in death?!” and Rosalee and Monroe respond with “Not really,” and “Not that I know of,” which sound like definite portents for the upcoming episodes.

So who else can’t wait for March 8th?!

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