‘Revolution’ Mid-Season Preview: Revenge of the Republic


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted anything since  Revolution aired its mid-season finale. But I’m back! NBC just released the new trailer for Revolution‘s mid-season return and it looks just as action-packed as ever before!

For those just joining us, please take a look at all my recaps for the fall season of the show. But let’s have a quick recap to put us where we last left off. In the beginning of the season (and the series), all of the electricity in the world mysteriously goes out. No cell phones, no computers, no cars, no planes, nada. This gives rise to several factions of warlords fighting for territory in what was once the USA. One of the most powerful is the Monroe Republic, headed up by the sinister Sebastian Monroe. Series heroine Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson’s little brother Danny is kidnapped by one of Monroe’s right-hand men, Tom Neville. The Matheson family has connections to why the power went out–their matriarch, Rachel, was the head of a scientific R&D company that developed technology capable of taking out all electronic devices within a certain radius. The devices were built into several specially designed pendants and divided among a number of the company’s employees for safekeeping. It’s clear the pendant (or its abilities) fell into the wrong hands and now the warlords will do anything to get the power for themselves.

Charlie sets out on a quest to rescue her captured little brother, accompanied by her deceased father’s friend Aaron, her uncle Miles (who was once part of the Monroe Republic and close friends with Sebastian Monroe himself), and a pyrotechnics specialist named Nora. Along the way, they fight through hoardes of Monroe’s militia and storm his capital of Philadelphia.  Charlie succeeds in reuniting with Danny and with her mother, a longtime prisoner of Sebastian Monroe who was forced to build a device to reverse the effects of the power outage. The season ended in a climactic scene in which Monroe’s newly powered-up helicopter is bearing down on the heroes as they make their escape.

The trailer for the new season shows a lot of explosions as Monroe’s technologically superior army is now able to erradicate the rebellion that has started within his turf. Rachel sees that the only way to counter Monroe’s deadly assaults is to get some power for the rebellion, which no doubt means reuniting with what’s left of her former colleagues. In addition, we see Tom Neville getting into an argument with son Jason, who was pretty much stalking Charlie on ‘intelligence gathering missions’ all-season long. We all know he just has a crush on her…Anyway, looks like Jason’s finally going rogue because he seems to land a mean right jab to his daddy’s jaw in the trailer…

What can we expect from the mid-season premiere? Well, we can expect explosions and crazy action scenes involving crossbows if the fall season was anything to go by. We can also expect Rachel to go completely nuts trying to right her wrongs and fight back against Monroe, as evidenced by her ominous “let’s get some power of our own” comment in the preview. We can also clearly expect Jason to join Charlie’s renegades (they’ve been setting that up since the series began) and she probably won’t be too receptive of him. Other than that, the rest is a mystery. Will Rachel’s device really give Monroe’s army power forever, or did she design some sort of failsafe that would disable them after a while (seems like a smart idea)? How will the rebels counterattack if the assaults are coming from the air? Will Charlie be able to cling to her idealistic nature while observing the imbalance of power and unfair war tactics around her? Guess we’ll find out when Revolution returns on March 25 on NBC at 10/9C! You’ll probably hear more from me as the premiere date approaches and NBC releases more promotional stuff. ‘Til then, you can check out the new trailer here: http://www.nbc.com/revolution/

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