Soul-searching and talking zombies – a review of Angel and Faith #18

This issue of Angel & Faith takes us on a trip down Buffy-verse memory lane, where we get to meet some old players like Ethan Rayne and Eyghon the sleepwalker. This review includes spoilers.

WORDS: Christos Gage
PENCILLS: Rebekah Isaacs
COLOR: Dan Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: January 30th

So issue 17 left us with a rather big cliff-hanger, the slayerettes rocking up at a house in Guilford, UK and the door being opened by Rupert Giles. ‘Cept it was just his body under new management. For you old-timers out there you might remember back in season 2 where Giles confessed to having been BFF with a rather nasty demon called Eyghon the sleepwalker. In fact he had sold his soul to him. So dead or not Giles is now running around with a bunch of other dead or unconscious people trying to kill/knock out/recruit slayers. These zombie type sleepwalkers have a tendency to talk a lot, which Faith does a fantastic one liner on; “Hey Chatty Cathy, hardcore fans don’t like zombies who run, you keep on TALKING and you’ll break the internet”. I did actually properly LOL at that.

So after Faith and Angel gate-crash the talkative zombie killing party they try to take Eyghon out. This really doesn’t go very well and they have to flee. They regroup and get some background story of the king of the sleepwalkers. They figure out that he is trying to create a little Hell away from Hell in Guilford and raise his own sleepwalking-orating-zombie army. They are all feeling a bit lost at the end of the comic. Angel makes the point that all the humans can be turned by Eyghon, Angel himself is immune but he can hardly go up against the demon alone. He needs help, someone they can trust, someone not human, but with a soul. The door goes ding dong and a very familiar beautifully angled face shows up to help.

I am really enjoying Angel & Faith, especially the issues drawn by Rebekah Issacs, she may be my favourite artist yet in all of Buffy, Angel & Faith, Spike and Willow. The storyline of Angel looking for horcruxes..err I mean parts of Giles soul to resurrect him, combined with his battling with his Twilight adventures of recent past, whilst Faith is trying her very best to be the sensible one in the duo, is really working out. In fact I think it might be more consistently good throughout compared to Buffy season 9. And now with Blondie bear joining the cast for a bit it can only get better. Go out and buy it now!

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