Super Bowl Ads run $4 mil for 30 seconds; What new movie trailers to expect

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Every year around this time people around the world prepare for the game to end all games, the Super Bowl. But if you are a geek like me and not into sports, don’t worry there is a reason to watch the game. With an estimated 113 million viewers last year, a number that is expected to rise this year, networks and films are gobbling up what little space is left during the game. The price tag isn’t cheap either, a 30 second spot is reported as going for $4 million dollars.

So just what can our geeks eyes get a first look at during the Super Bowl? The first one is J.J. Abrams Star Trek: Into Darkness. Abrams has been in the news a lot lately. Just last week, it was confirmed that Abrams will be at the helm of the upcoming continuation of the Star Wars franchise set to break its next film in 2015. Despite the huge pressure on him running two long rivaled series at the same time, industry insiders, including George Lucas himself, that Abrams is the right man for the job. The 30 second spot is expected in the 2nd quarter and will be new footage not released before. Checkout these 2 trailers we already have just to hold you over.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness

It has also been announced that we will see new footage from World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, and Iron Man 3, starring Robert Downey Jr. World War Z is expected to have a 30 second part during the pregame, while Iron Man 3 is going to have a long 1 minute spot. Another film getting the long 60 second slot is Oz: The Great and Powerful. With Oz and Iron Man getting such large spots, networks are banking on the footage they plan on releasing bringing in huge crowds.

Checkout these 3 trailers below and tell us which new footage you are most excited to see on Sunday.

Iron Man 3

Oz The Great and Powerful

World War Z


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