Supernatural Torn and Frayed: Recap and Review

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Air Date 1-16-2013

Welcome back, dear reader, I have missed you all during this last hiatus, but I am glad to be back with the newest recap and review of Supernatural.  Can you all believe that we are in a new year, 2013, where does the time go?

I want to take a moment to say congratulations to Supernatural for winning the People’s Choice award for best Sci-fi/fantasy TV show and to the boys Jared and Jensen for being nominated for Dramatic TV actor.  It was really great to see the boys all donned up in suits presenting and accepting their award.

Now let’s see what the episode Torn and Frayed was all about.

SPN Torn and Frayed

Holy Jeepers Creepers after a great montage of the events that took place prior to the hiatus we were presented with The Angel Samandriel  ( I just realized the actor has been in Supernatural before as the bug loving teenager in the episode Bugs), AKA Alfie the fast food boy, with a metal rod though his forehead.  Crowley has hired or recruited some kind of doctor to torture the poor angel, but what are his motives for doing so?

As for the Winchesters they are still on the outs.  Sam is still pretty pissed off that Dean tricked him into thinking Amelia was hurt or worse and Dean really believes he did what he had to do to save a friend; a brother, but what about his real brother?  Sam wants Dean to choose him over Benny but it doesn’t appear that Dean can when he walks out on Sam leaving him in Kermitt, Texas.

Before Alife was placed in a torture halo he was able to connect to the Angel radio and head Angel Naomi, played by Sci-Fi’s popular actress Amanda Tapping, calls Cass; who has been going around helping people by curing them of aliments, into Heaven to tell him that Crowley has Samndriel and that he needs to go rescue him.  Altering his memory she makes him believe this is all his idea.

Cass immediately seeks out Dean for help.  Soon after Cass explains that when an angel is tortured a ripple effect of strange events begins to happen the hear about a man who was “attacked” by a talking, burning bush Dean and Cass head in that direction.  During the interview with the victim the two of them find out that the bush was taking Enochian, the language of the angels. Putting the pieces together Dean comes to the conclusion that Crowley can’t be far away.  Finding the hideout where Samandriel is being held they determine they need help getting past the horde of demons that have the place surrounded.

Dean seeks out Kevin Tran , who has yet to get anywhere with the half of the demon tablet he has, for help but Cass has other plans and heads to find Sam.  Sam has some cobwebs to clean out with Amelia.  She shows up at his hotel telling him she is happy, but now that he has returns it has complicated things.  She tells him that she has a good life with a man who loves her, but that Sam is the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up and last thing before she goes to sleep.  Telling him that if he stays she will leave everything she believes in to be with him, but if he leaves again he needs to stay away.  He tells her they both need to think about what that all means and what they really want to do.  However, when Cass shows up he agrees to help Alife.

Dean isn’t happy to see his brother but Cass tells them they need to stow their crap and work together in this dire situation.  Sam tells Dean he is only here to help the angel and then he is walking away again.

A plan is formed and before the cavalry arrives to the aid of the tortured angel, Crowley dips into his “hard drive” and things that even Samandriel didn’t know he knew were revealed and amongst those things is the fact that an angel tablet exists.  During the rescue Cass’ mind is affected and he has flashes of Naomi and some strange device she seems to be drilling into his eye.

Cass gets Samandriel out of room, Crowley gets away and the boys kill the doctor in charge of the torture.   While waiting for the boys to catch up Samandriel tells Cass that he can’t take him back to Heaven because of what Crowley has extracted from him and the fact that Naomi is controlling angels.  Cass is vanishing in and out between his conversation with Samandriel and in Heaven with Naomi.   Finally against his will Castiel kills Sanandriel when Naomi orders that death of the traitor.  When the boys arrive he tells them it was self-defense and that he needs to return the body to Heaven.

Once the Winchesters are alone again they sound proof the place from Cass’ ear shot and discuss his odd behavior.  Halfway through the conversation Dean tells Sam to not worry about it and that he will take care of it which puzzles Sam.   Dean tells him to go after Amelia because he is tired of the fighting and it is about time for one of them to be happy.  Sam confesses that he isn’t sure if he can walk away from the fight now that all this new stuff has surfaced, despite how happy she makes him, and that he needed to think about it.  Before he leaves for his “walk” Dean tells him pretty much the same as Amelia did and that is both feet in or out because half way will get him killed.  Taking his own advise and finally choosing his own brother over a non-human, Dean calls Benny and tells him it is the end of the line for their friendship.

The show ends just the way I had hoped it would with the boys together.  As they have always done they have chosen blood and the fight over everything else in their lives, and this made me very very happy as a fan.

If truth be told I really enjoyed this episode and thought it was a great one to come back from hiatus with.  The emotions of the boys were brilliant and I loved the confusion and strangeness that surrounded Castiel and as always it was great to see Crowley, Kevin, Alfie and even Naomi.  I am eager to see next week and how the rest of the season turns out.

Until next week my wayward sons and daughters……here is a preview for next week.

Jennifer Rux