The The Colder He Gets, the Crazier Things Become

Colder*SPOILERS* Mr. Nimble is on the hunt and there is no stopping him.

Feeding off of insanity, Nimble Jack moves from place to place sniffing out his next meal, his favorite dish?  Declan.  Declan, the “faith healer for the insane”, has the power to free the victims from insanity; the only drawback is how cold he becomes.


Bringing Reece into the mix, he shows her the other world, providing a look into what mentally unstable people are experiencing.

Little does Declan know the trips into the other world are chipping away at Reece’s mental health, and in the chaos she loses her mind.

Juan Ferreyra brings life to this terror, panel by panel, giving the reader a gruesomely delightful works of art.

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