Death Star PR – Hilarious Webseries About Managing The Dark Side’s Image

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The Rebel Alliance had it easy, what with calling themselves “knights,” wearing white a lot, and not going around blowing up planets just to prove a point.  You’d think with his stylin’ cybernetic duds, complete mastery of the force, and his silky-smooth James Earl Jones voice Darth Vader would be appreciated.  But no, everybody remembers him for all the bad he’s done, like blowing up a planet.  It’s Alderaan-this and Alderaan-that every single time.  Sheesh.

With everyone focusing on the negative, what’s a hard-working Sith Lord to do?  Well, create a PR firm to boost your image, that’s what.  And thanks to Topless Robot we learn that’s where the web  series Death Star PR comes in, showing us the nerve center for bolstering the image of a misunderstood megalomaniac who really just wants to bring order to a chaotic galaxy.

In Death Star PR we see the duo of Wilson and his sidekick/lackey Sharpe working diligently to keep the image of the Death Star looking good.  Their job is a difficult and thankless one, but one that they tackle with unqualified incompetence coupled with a complete lack of organization.  Yeah…they have this in the bag.

The web series consists of 6 episodes in total.  Right now you can watch episode 1 online for free, or if you want to show your appreciation you can buy all 6 episodes right now for $0.99 each.  You one of those try-before-you-buy types?  Then lucky for you I’ve got episode 1 embedded right here for your viewing pleasure.  If you like what you see please consider buying the full series now, or you can wait for subsequent episodes to be released one at a time in the coming weeks.


A quick synopsis of the web series from the Death Star PR official website:

Ever wondered why Luke Skywalker and Han Solo got a medal for destroying the Death Star, but when the Galactic Empire blew up Alderaan they were suddenly “the bad guys”? Or why Darth Vader was the “Master of Evil” when Obi-Wan lied about pretty much everything ever and cut off his own best friend’s arm and legs?

To help answer these questions and more, the Galactic Empire have unleashed their ultimate weapon: no, not the Death Star; their PR Team. Because you might be able to win a battle by blowing up a planet or two, but you win the star war by winning the hearts and minds of the Galaxy.

Death Star PR was created and written by Robbie Boland, a freelance writer based out of Sydney, Australia, the full credits can be viewed at their Web Series Credits page.  Check out the links below to keep up with everything that’s going on in Boland’s crazy mind and, of course, for any updates to this web series and any new ventures he may conjure up.

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[via Topless Robot]

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