How Much Colder Will He Become?


*SPOILERS* After waiting with baited breath for this issue it finally arrived and the wait was well worth it.


Declan is doing everything he can to save Reece from insanity.  Hoping to find some way in to the other world he comes across a man who seems normal enough, but has a hidden fear that dogs can talk are going to attack him.  This is Declan’s ticket to harness enough insanity to be able to get Reece back to the normal world without freezing to death.


Declan takes the man into the other world and they find themselves surrounded by freaky looking giant dogs on either side of a glass hall.  Little does Declan know, these dogs are Nimble Jack’s creations and just waiting for the signal to attack.  A muscle-bone creature falls out of nowhere and takes out half of Nimble’s pack, taking notice of Declan’s ever growing stench of insanity.  The horrifying (yet strangely delightful might I add) creature doesn’t want anything to do with Nimble Jack or his games and leaves Declan and the ma
Nimble Jack, who has been following Declan since the moment he stepped foot into insanity, makes his grand entrance and Declan and Jack go insane-o a’ insane’o.  Declan isn’t giving up and punches Nimble square in his psycho face.  This, of course, pisses Jack off and he send Declan hurling through a window.n alone.  Declan sets the man free from insanity and grows colder doing so.

The window leads Declan right to Reece! He takes her back home, out of insanity, and tries to make everything normal.  She sits just as Declan did: silent, staring, unmoving. In trying to make everything normal he soon realizes that Nimble Jack is right next to him, hungry… and ready for more.



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