In-depth: ‘Falling Skies’ season 3 preview plus new photos & convention appearances

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Today was a great day for Falling Skies fans as a huge amount of new information was released giving everyone something to look at and talk about. Falling Skies ended its 2nd season with another huge cliffhanger and left its fans wanting a lot more. Although the overall ratings were down over season 1, the key demos remained steady and international ratings continued to break records and remained one of TNT’s top 3 shows.

First here is an all new photo from season 3 showing Tom on horseback.


Convention News

Actor Connor Jessup has been confirmed at the MCM Birmingham Comic Con in the UK this March for Falling Skies. Jessup plays Ben Mason, the son of Tom mason and a formerly harnessed and kidnapped child of the aliens. More convention visits are likely for other cast members as we approach the big event in San Diego this July. While not officially confirmed, Falling Skies is likely to return for its 3rd visit to the San Diego Comic Con this year. Each year the guests who have shown have changed, but we expect Noah Wyle, Colin Cunningham, Will Patton, Drew Roy, Connor Jessup and Sarah Carter to be present. Be sure to check in with us as we learn more about dates and who will be visiting. Last year several cast members visited ECCC in Seattle. Sarah Carter (Maggie) along with Seychelle Gabriel (Lourdes) visited the UK also last year.

One of the great items released today was an all new look at the 2nd season cliffhanger and new footage from season 3 of Falling Skies.


Lets take a deeper look at just what we are seeing here.

Unanswered Questions – The Overlords Plan

Season 2 brought with it a host of new questions about what exactly the overlords were doing with humanities children. We learned at the start of season 2 that Ben, although no longer harnessed, was still transforming. Ben reveals his back to Tom to show him what has become of him so far. Ben also found himself with super human strength, agility and a temper. Ben was also still under the influence of the skitters, able to communicate with one called Red Eye, the leader of a rebellion against the overlords. At the end of season 2, Ben helped lead the skitters and the 2nd mass to a victory in destroying an alien weapon pointed at the sky. But wait, why was it pointed at the sky? Ben says “it wasnt meant for humans”. This war goes far beyond the survival of humans on earth. In fact, this may not be about humanity at all.

Unanswered Questions – Evil Hal

Hal got on a lot of peoples nerves in the 2nd season. Ben took on the main role of attention throughout the season as trust became a major player in Bens interactions with ‘the humans’ and it pushed him further away towards the skitters. Hal spent most of his time trying to patch things up with his brother and a budding relationship with a complex Maggie. Dispite all of that, the season ended with Hal getting implanted with the very same ‘eye worm’ that Tom had when he was released from the alien ship. The question remains unanswered as to exactly what that is. Karen put it inside Hal, so it cant be good. But how long before someone notices something isnt right with Hal? Who might pay the price with their life?

Unanswered Questions – Annes Baby

Karen seems to be able to sense that Anne is pregnant. Given Ben never said anything or even knew leads many to wonder if the baby is even human. Remember that Ben is no longer harnessed, while Karen is. It appears that Karen can sense or communicate with the baby, leading us to wonder just what the aliens did to Tom on that ship. Could this Baby be a completed version of what Ben is transforming into? Will the baby look like the ‘crusted’ skitter boy we say in Death March?

Unanswered Questions – New Aliens

First it was the overlords, then the bugs and now a new alien race decends on the 2nd mass and all of Charleston. Are they friend or foe? Its clear that the weapon was pointed up at the sky to prevent them from landing, but what we dont know is where these aliens stand when it comes to the overlords and humans. Ben seemed to already be aware of this expanded war, which he made clear on the roof of the hospital when talking to Matt and again when telling Tom the weapon wasnt meant for humans. Will Ben be able to reveal more to the 2nd mass? Can he communicate with this new alien race? What role do the skitters place in relation to our new alien?

Unanswered Questions – Season 3

Season 3 brings the war right into the forefront and the 2nd mass is leading the revolution. The first few scenes we see show Tom riding on horseback. It was revealed early on that the 2nd mass would venture away from Charleston and in order to avoid overlord patrols, horseback seemed the logical choice to avoid detection. The next few scenes show Tom, Ben, Hal, Maggie and Weaver on the battle field in what appears to be a fairly major fight. The most interesting scene shows a creature in human clothing and jacket hobbling like a monkey towards Maggie to attack her. Its clear this being isn’t human, but what is it? My guess? We will finally find out what the children are being turned into and what Ben will have to fight from happening to him.

Falling Skies promises to answer all these questions and ‘then some’. Be sure to stay tuned as we interview cast members from the show and learn more about the first episode which is titled “on thin ice”.

Robert Prentice