New Being Human Clips and a Preview of Feb 18th Episode

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By: Robert Prentice February 16, 2013

Being Human cover picture 2

The house is getting crowded but things are about to get much more complicated. Sally runs into her brother and makes a deal with Donna so that he doesn’t die. Josh struggles to raise Erin, who is working for Liam and tries to kill Aidan. Aidan remembers when he was first made a vampire.

What’s Blood Got to Do With It? – Sneak Peek

Miss last weeks episode? Checkout these clips that hightlight the important things that happen last week. And am I the only one waiting for a “OMG he killed Kenny” moment?

Josh ambushes Liam with a gun full of silver bullets.

Kenny learns that Aidan is a vampire.

Let Sam Huntington and Kristen Hager explain what Josh and Nora think of Liam, the pure-blood werewolves’ father.

Meaghan Rath explains what attracts Sally to Max in season three.

Robert Prentice