New ‘Defiance’ Promo Images – The future is alien

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By: Robert Prentice February 13, 2013


Released today are new photos of SyFys bold new show Defiance. The show promises to change the viewers interactions with TV by having a game that plays hand in hand with the show. Watching the previews and looking at the photos one cant help but compare Defiance to Firefly. Firefly was only a 1 season show, with a movie but its characters and story still have a huge following. Considered by many the first space western.

It has been a long time since we have had good solid science fiction on our TV like Farscape or Firefly and TNT’s Falling Skies has helped bring back the family dynamic and interest in science fiction shows and aliens. Syfy is banking on this new show to be just as popular but the only people that can make that call are you the fans.

Tell us what you think after watching this preview and take a look at these all new photos.

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Robert Prentice