The Walking Dead Returns Sunday! Until Then, Nibble On This Bonus Sneak Peek

Image courtesy AMC

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead, I feel your pain.  You’ve been shuffling aimlessly in dirty clothes, moaning, and trying to bite strangers whenever they get near.  Don’t worry, you’re not (un)dead yet, these are just symptoms of a seasonal epidemic known as W2D2 (Walking Dead Withdrawal Disorder).  Fortunately, AMC has been generous in providing much-needed relief to sufferers.

Experts have been working tirelessly to create ever more effective treatments to battle this crippling malady and they’ve had great success.  They know you’re nearly at your breaking point so to smooth the jagged edges of your consciousness they’ve graciously presented this latest sneak peek at episode 309 The Suicide King.  Enjoy!


Want more?  Then check out AMC’s Ten Ways to Get Ready for The Walking Dead’s Return Sunday Night and be sure to check out Celebrate The Walking Dead’s Return With This Promo-palooza and Dead Yourself App.  Hopefully that’ll keep you from biting anyone, including yourself, until Sunday night at 9/8c.

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