UPDATE – Brand New Doctor Who Season 7.5 Trailers Are Out!

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Image courtesy BBC.co.uk

Two weeks away.  Just two…long…weeks.  It seems like time’s standing still, doesn’t it?

At least there’s a little relief in the form of two brand-new trailers for the second part of Doctor Who season seven.  This first trailer is from BBC One and comes courtesy of a heads-up from the fine people over at DoctorWhoTV where they’ve remained vigilant for all things blue and boxy.

I’m afraid all this trailer is going to do is make the two week wait feel even longer, but it’s welcome nonetheless.  Have a look.

There’s a lot jammed into those forty one seconds and it looks good.  There some very alien landscapes/scenes, a couple of new foes and a few familiar ones.  The central theme of season seven’s second half seems to most definitely be the mystery of Clara/Oswin Oswald.  The Doctor even says, “You are the only mystery worth solving.” and I have to assume he’s speaking to Clara even though the person to whom he directs that sentence is off camera.

We finally get an animated glimpse, albeit ridiculously brief, of the long gone Ice Warriors.  Their basic design remains largely unchanged from the original, but is updated just enough to make them look pretty much indestructible and definitely menacing.  As has been reported, the Cybermen also show up and they’re sporting an updated look even from their last appearance not long ago.  If you look really closely you’ll spot a lone Sontaran at the 29 second mark.  Could this be Strax?  I really hope so.

While I’d like to show you the second trailer which is from BBC America, it’s currently only available as an exclusive from EW.com, so you’ll have to click on this link to see the BBC America trailer (at least for now).

UPDATE:  We now have the BBC America trailer embedded right here!

That trailer is a little longer at precisely one minute in length, but the theme is the same:  Who or what is Clara/Oswin Oswald?  It’s definitely not a complete rehash of the BBC One trailer, though, as there are a few more new aliens and human faces cropping up that we didn’t see in the first.

Doctor Who season 7, part 2 will begin airing on both BBC One and BBC America on Saturday, March 30.  If you’re in the States, BBC America begins airing those all-new episodes at 8/7c followed by their brand new original thriller Orphan Black.

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