Doctor Who: New Ice Warriors Picture Released

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The good folks over at DoctorWhoTV, a boundless font of all things Whovian, have alerted the world to a high resolution image of the new and improved (Read: No more Lego hands!) Ice Warriors first posted by SFX.  You’ll get to see these long-gone Martians in action in the third episode to air this year.

I’ve been told the story takes place aboard the claustrophobic confines of a submarine and the episode was penned by Mark Gatiss, frequent Who contributor.  You may have seen Mr. Gatiss playing Mycroft Holmes in the excellent BBC drama Sherlock, which he co-created with Steven Moffat.

Image courtesy

Compare the updated Ice Warrior with the classic design in the image below.  The new design remains very faithful to the original, but adds some practical features like, well, fingers and opposable thumbs.  I’m digging the groovy shades on that helmet.  Might have to get me a pair.

Image courtesy BBC

[via DoctorWhoTV and SFX]

Tom Gardiner