‘Falling Skies’ Connor Jessup talks season 3 at MCM Comic Con


TNT has sent the stars of Falling Skies around the world to help promote the third season of its hit series. This weekend star Connor Jessup was at the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham to do a small Q and A and sign autographs. RedCarpetNewsTV posted a video interview (see below) with Connor about the third season and what we can expect.

Among some of the new things we will see in season 3 is a much larger viewpoint then the 2nd mass and Charleston. Jessup says “it becomes much more universal in a very literal sense.” It was reported several months back that Stephen Collins would be attached as president of the former US and new cast members from Charleston would be added to expand the scope of the story beyond the 2nd mass.

Jessup also commented that actor Doug Jones was great to work with. Jones plays the part of the new alien we saw at the end of season 2 and the role of this new race is going to be complex, adding to the overall scifi feel to the series. We recently learned that season 3 starts 7 months after the new aliens land and thus far the new race is a friend to the 2nd mass but everything changes by the end of the season.

Its clear that the story is going going to get better as we go along and the pace is picking up as the war inches closer. Season 1 and 2 broke basic cable records for TNT both in the US and internationally in over 100 countries. Season 3 is expected to air mid-June and if it follows its past 2 seasons, expect renewal of the show within the first 5 weeks (before comic con in July).


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