‘Falling Skies’ Wondercon Panel Reveals Season 3 Secrets


Falling Skies went to Wondercon this year and new details about season 3 have been revealed. Among them are the fact that the aliens will be spending a lot of time in the infirmary, according to Seychelle who plays Lourdes. Karen still has feelings for Hal deep down in side. Remi says “She tries to show this by putting the bug in Hal, like an alien STD”. Anne’s baby is a girl (slipped by Drew).

There are also new Mechs, so called “mega mechs”. In season 3 the 2nd mass is on an all out rescue mission to save as many kids as possible and the skitters are growing tired of it. As a result they are pulling out ‘mega mechs’ they would normally only take out for large scale assaults.

A clip was shown in which Maggie can tell that something isn’t right with Hal, that Karen did something even though Anne says there is nothing physically wrong with him. In front of everyone Hal is able to hide the pain that is being caused by the bug, but when behind closed doors it really shows. Just how long can he hold off before someone sees it?

On Bens side, he never asked for what happen to him but the gift of increased strength and agility will be put to good use helping the human cause. Ben will also get a friend, another spiked kid who has had the same experience as Ben but with a different attitude. Remi warned that both are using their ‘gift’ to the 2nd masses advantage but they are burning bright but too fast, it may not be a good thing. With the arrival of the new alien, someone is going to question how much Ben knows and if he will be the bridge of communication between the humans and the new aliens. In an exclusive 10 second spot we revealed Thursday, we saw a boy in a chamber of some kind with electricity flowing to his back. We don’t know what it means yet but it can be good or bad.

With the arrival of the new alien we will see the 2nd mass interact with more alien tech and new technology will be introduced by our new alien race. TNT is all about alien tech but the human drama must come first and is still an important aspect of the series.

Pope is a smart guy and adaptable to just about any situation but he finds himself getting a little too comfortable. In a scene that was just released in a new trailer called “Scorched Earth” we see Pope crying at the bed side of Crazy Lee.

Checkout some interviews done by TV Equals at Wonder Con. Special thanks to @StarFleetMom for tweeting out the important news from the convention.

Robert Prentice