Four Clips From Doctor Who “The Bells of Saint John”

Image courtesy BBC America

Hey you!  Yeah, you with the bowtie and the cold sweats.  Come here.

Listen, I know you’ve been having a rough time and you need a “little something” to get you by until the weekend.  I’ve got what you’re looking for right here.  How would one two three four clips from the upcoming Doctor Who episode “The Bells of Saint John” settle with you?

Okay, calm down, there’s plenty enough to go around.  No need to push.  I brought enough for the entire class.

This first clip comes from a reliable supplier, DoctorWhoTV, and is appropriately entitled “Doctor Who?”  Watch and you’ll understand why.


Clip number 2 also comes from DoctorWhoTV.    The Doctor and Clara are riding a motorcycle while the Doctor explains his reasoning for not taking the TARDIS.

Please excuse the background music, I have no idea why anyone thought it fit with any television clip produced after 1969.


The third clip in the bunch comes directly from the mothership herself, the BBC.  It’s called “The Doctor Changes,” but don’t get your Sontaran panties in a wad.  The Doctor isn’t regenerating, just changing clothes because, “Monks are not cool.”

Yeah, makes more sense if you just watch.


The fourth and final clip, also from the BBC, is called “Meet Miss Kizlet” and introduces us to, well, Miss Kizlet.  She’s a nasty piece of work and a horrible boss.  You see, Miss Kizlet orders the deaths of employees she doesn’t like, but that doesn’t mean she’s unreasonable.



See? Toldja!  She’s letting the nice toady go on holiday before being killed.  What a nice, evil boss she is.

Since it can’t be posted often enough, here are the premiere dates for Doctor Who “The Bells of Saint John” for the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Doctor Who “The Bells of St. John” premiere dates:

  • USA – BBC America: March 30, 8/7c
  • Canada – Space: March 30, 8./7c
  • UK – BBC1: March 30, 6:15pm
  • Australia – ABC: March 31, 7:30pm

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