New ‘Falling Skies’ Extended Season 3 Trailer

This week we had an exclusive first look at the upcoming season 3 trailer which was only 10 seconds but offered us some key scenes that were important to note. Today Falling Skies released the first full trailer for the new season and there is a lot to go over. Checkout the trailer below.

While most of that preview is Season 2 footage, 2 scenes stick out along with 1 we previously talked about below. 1 shows Pope sitting next to a bed with Crazy Lee in it, and he is crying. The second scene shows the new alien under armed guard while it waits to be interrogated.

In a recent interview at MCM Comic Con Connor Jessup commented on where season 3 would start off.

“It becomes much more universal in a very literal sense.” Jessup says. It was reported several months back that Stephen Collins would be attached as president of the former US and new cast members from Charleston would be added to expand the scope of the story beyond the 2nd mass.

Jessup also commented that actor Doug Jones was great to work with. Jones plays the part of the new alien we saw at the end of season 2 and the role of this new race is going to be complex, adding to the overall scifi feel to the series. Doug is an expert at working with prosthetic suits and that means, like the skitters, the new aliens will get many up-close and body shots that will be very realistic. We recently learned that season 3 starts 7 months after the new aliens land and thus far the new race is a friend to the 2nd mass but everything changes by the end of the season.


Forced transformation or aided healing?

This scene has to be the coolest, and creepiest of the group. It brings back memories of season 2′s episode Young Bloods, in which several kids are taken and harnessed, including Matt Mason who was barely saved. With the new alien race having arrived, are they stretching out a helping hand and healing the previously harnessed of the ‘process’? Is this a way Ben might be able to be normal again? The bolts of electricity appear to be going to the spine of the person in the scene, pointing to some connection to the harnesses.

Or on the other hand, this could be a ruse by the new alien race to assert control over these previously harnessed kids to use for their own reasons. It is also possible that this is a chamber belonging to the overlords and may serve to force a rapid transformation of the child without the use of the harness. With the new aliens having arrived their table table has clearly moved up.

Robert Prentice