The Walking Dead 315 “This Sorrowful Life” – Pictures, Promo, Sneak Peeks

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Image courtesy AMC

Good news, everyone!  Our prison regulars will be back in next week’s episode “This Sorrowful Life” and I couldn’t be happier.  After the disappointing episode 314 “Prey” it’ll be good to have the whole gang back in action.  This being the penultimate episode of season three, it will probably be more set-up for the big blowout, but it could bring surprises.

In the picture above, the first of two preview pictures released, it looks like Rick and Daryl are having a serious conversation.  But honestly, in The Walking Dead are there really any other kind of conversations?

I find the second picture released to be more interesting.  In it Merle is shown in what looks like a contemplative pose.  That’s not typical Merle as we’ve come to know him, but since he’s left Woodbury the man does seem to be trying to make amends.  At least as good as Merle can manage.

Image courtesy AMC

The promotional video for “This Sorrowful Life” has me worried.  Not because of any impending danger, but because Rick seems to be stupidly considering the Governor’s offer of a truce for Michonne.  I find that hard to believe, but I guess some of the stupid from last week’s “Prey” has carried over to this next episode.  Let’s hope there’s no more of it.

Forget stupid, it looks like crazy is back.  Rick’s apparently seeing Lori again, and just when we thought all that nonsense was over.  Again, I hope there’s not too much of that.

The promotional video also seems to hint at Merle considering leaving the group.  Daryl’s telling Merle, “You can’t do things without people any more,” and Carol asks him, “Are you with us?”  Either Merle is thinking about going solo, or this could just be more conflict between he and the rest of the group.

Personally, I think Merle’s trying to change for the better.  I believe he’s tired of being the outcast and the attack dog.  Ever since he’s returned to the prison gang he’s done his best to try and fit in.  Sure, compared to the average person it doesn’t look like he’s working that hard at it, but for Merle it’s a herculean feat.

The first of two sneak peeks shows us Daryl truly believes his brother is trying to change, but it’s not going to be so easy to convince the others.  Here Glenn lets Daryl know in no uncertain terms just how he feels about Merle and how difficult it’s going to be to convince him to forgive the big lummox.

For Glenn, it’s not about what Merle did to him.  He admits he could forgive the beatings and nearly being fed to a walker. It’s what Merle did to Maggie, or at least what he let the Governor do to her, that’s unforgivable.  I don’t think anybody can blame him, maybe not even Merle himself.

Remember in the promo when Rick seems to be considering the Governor’s Michonne-trade offer?  Well, in the second sneak peek it’s Merle of all people who sets him straight.

In typical fashion, Merle’s not sugar-coating anything.  He tells Rick what kinds of things the Governor will do to Michonne if he hands her over and that it’s just a shot at a truce.

It’s really sad when between Rick and Merle, it’s Merle who’s the voice of reason.  In any case, I do think he’s trying to change.  This will be interesting to watch.


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