UPDATE: Three Trailers for Doctor Who “Cold War” – The Ice Warriors Are Back

Image courtesy BBC

The Ice Warriors are coming to a submarine near you!  Having first appeared way back in 1967 and taking a final bow in 1974, the armored Martians are getting a thaw and make-over for this season’s “Cold War.”  Take a gander at these trailers for the coming claustrophobic confrontation.

This is the “Next Time” trailer you may have seen at the end of “The Rings of Akhaten,” but it’s worth watching again.  Martians and missiles, oh my!


It’s 1983 and something is thawing aboard a Russian submarine.  And that something is not at all happy.  Good thing the Doctor drops by to try and stop everything from going boom.  If you’ve got a quick eye you’ll spot a brief flash of veteran actor David Warner, who’s been in almost everything. (About the 18 second mark.)


UPDATE:  BBC America has just released a trailer of their own!


Doctor Who airs on BBC America Saturday nights at 8/7c, immediately followed by Orphan Black and The Nerdist.  It’s your one-stop shopping for Saturday night entertainment.

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