Magical artifact hoarders and raising the dead – a review of Angel & Faith #21

Angel is back to himself and the gang is ready to try to bring Giles back from the dead but this won’t be done without some physical and mental fighting first. Issue #21 of Angel and Faith – What you want, not what you need is now out. This review contains spoilers.

WORDS: Christos Gage
PENCILLS: Rebekah Isaacs
COLOR: Dan Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: April 26th

So we are nearing the end of Angel & Faith’s adventures, and I can’t stop banging on how much I have enjoyed it. This issue however does feel a bit like a filler in a transitional way. Faith gets a call from Buffy, and when Spike overhears that Dawn is sick he decides to leave for San Francisco. Faith and Angel try to stop him, but we know where Spike’s heart is in all of this, plus Faith and Angel can’t even remember who Dawn is. Again, see Spike is so much better for Buffy than that no-good broody Angel. Anyway…Spike buggers off and Angel and Faith turn to Alasdair to now try to return their beloved Ripper-turned-librarian to them. Before they do this they end up having an exchange of unpleasantries; Alasdair still thinks Angel is off his rocker for wanting to resurrect Giles. Angel accuses Alasdair of working with the gruesome trio of Whistler, Pear and Nash. In case you wondered he isn’t  but he keeps all his magical artifacts cloaked so they won’t find his house (uh oh he shouldn’t have said that) as they are out on a spree to steal as many magical thingy-bobs as they can. Anyway after they have kissed and made up, they are back on track on the resurrection of Giles. But (remember my uh-oh?) just as things start getting good the party gets crashed (literally) by Whistler, Pearl and Nash. They’ve come for the magical booty. As Angel and Faith fights them, Alasdair and Giles’s sisters keeps on chanting. However, the trio (not THE trio mind you) makes away with a bunch of magical stuff and blasts their way out. As Angel and Faith grumble over this, they hear the sisters swearing at each other. Cue some zombie sounding growl in a high volume and they all look at each other in horror and say “What did we do?”

So yes, all in all an ok issue. Felt like the fighting within the resurrection gang was a bit silly, it had pretty much all been said before. Angel seems to think that if he can get back Giles he will have at least undone one bad thing of the many stupid things he did as Twilight. I guess we will see in next issue, I think I am right in thinking Willow will show up next? I guess her and Spike switch comics. Looking forward to the next one. Oh and have I ever mentioned that I love Rebakah Issacs graphics? I have? Really? Well OK then, but you know, they are good, just sayin’!

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