New Indie coming out April 19th: Errors of the Human Body

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Eron Sheean’s Errors of the Human Body follows geneticist Geoff Burton (Michael Eklund) as he obsesses over finding a cure to the rare genetic mutation that killed his infant son. Taking his research to a facility in Dresden, Germany, Burton is faced with jealous coworkers, a rekindled romance with an old flame and personal demons of his failed marriage and inability to save his son as he verges on the edge of a medical breakthrough. How far will Burton be willing to go to make up for the errors of his past?

Bioengineering has fascinated people for centuries with fantasy stories like that of H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau to the various human experimentation horror stories seen throughout history. People have long hoped to manipulate genetics and the human body, whether to cure diseases or out of mere curiosity, but where do you draw the line on genetics and human experimentation? Errors of the Human Body delves into “the moral dilemmas and consequences behind the world of bio-engineering” as it focuses on scientific progress and Geoff Burton’s struggles to discover a cure for the genetic mutation that killed his son, presenting an interesting take to the age-old question: Is scientific progress really worth the cost?

Errors of the Human Body opens April 19 in select theaters, Cable VOD, SundanceNOW and other digital outlets, so be sure to check it out and follow the links below for more information!

Eron Sheean’s Errors of the Human Body Official Site



Carrie Hildebrand