Watch Karen Gillan’s “Walking Dead”-Inspired Skin Care Ad for “The Nerdist”

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Image courtesy BBC America and The Nerdist

In case you were wondering, that’s the face of Karen Gillan.  Look closely and you can tell…I think.

She’s been a model in real life and as Amelia Pond on Doctor Who she even played a model, but never quite like this.  In a hilarious send-up of makeup advertisements, Karen Gillan got an undead makeover for a special The Walking Dead-themed episode of BBC America’s The Nerdist.

This video is only one of a series of z’Ombéal skin care ads that will be featured in the episode of The Nerdist to air on Saturday, April 6 on BBC America.  If you didn’t already have enough reason to stay home glued to the television while BBC America offers up the best Saturday night since disco, then here’s one more.


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