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Watch Two Sneak Peeks of Orphan Black Episode 103 “Variation Under Nature”

Image courtesy BBC America

Last Saturday night after a really great second episode of Orphan Black we brought you a trailer for episode 3 “Variation Under Nature” which will definitely keep the tension building.  If you haven’t seen it, click on over to Orphan Black 103 “Variation Under Nature” Trailer – Sarah Gets Her Cop On to see Sarah doing her best to fill Beth’s role as a cop.

She seems to be doing a pretty good job of handling a gun, at least for someone who’s probably never held one in her life.  But how did she pull this off?  You don’t just pick up a gun and know how to use it.  No, not at all.  She had help from a very unlikely source.  Watch and see.

Alison comes off as a control freak, and she definitely is, but the more we get to know her, the more interesting she becomes.  And that’s one of the many things I like about Orphan Black;  the clones are more than just 2-dimensional variations on a theme, they’re completely different people the writers have fully fleshed out.

Oh, and remember back in episode one when Sarah used sex as a distraction against boyfriend Paul’s questions?  Remember how Paul was confused by Sarah/Beth’s sudden swing in emotion?  Well, Paul shows up unannounced and decides to play mind games of his own.

In this exclusive clip from we see Paul being, um, reciprocal.


Orphan Black airs on BBC America Saturday nights at 9/8c right after Doctor Who and just before The Nerdist.  In front of the TV watching BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday line-up is the only place you need to be on Saturday nights.


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