Interview with Maxim Knight – Star of ‘Falling Skies’ Talks Season 3 and More Action


Maxim Knight is no stranger to TV and film, at the young age of 13 he has over 60 projects under his belt. We had a chance to catch up with Maxim and talk about his current project Falling Skies. Season 1 and 2 saw a slow but moving progression for his character Matt Mason from just a child to being an important part of the fight against the alien invaders.

In season 3, Matt takes on a much bigger role as he joins his two older brothers Hal (Drew Roy) and Ben (Connor Jessup) on the front lines in the fight. 7 Months pass between season 2 and season 3 and of course not only has Matt grown up but so has Maxim. Sporting a new hair cut and a much more mature voice, Maxim jumped into his new role head on without looking back.

In the above released 2 minute preview, Matt is shown placing EMP style bombs on the front lines with Weaver. What can you tell us about Matt’s new role in the fight for season 3?

Matt is on the front lines a lot more in season 3. Matt feels very good and privileged in that role. He is really enjoying it.

Relationships and trust are a key point for all the characters and in season 3 Matt gets an opportunity to expand on some relationships he didn’t get an opportunity to expand on much in season 1 and 2. How will Matt’s relationship with Anne, Weaver and his brothers grow?

Matt will get the opportunity to have some screen time with Ben and Anne more so this season then in the past and he gets to work on his relationship. Anne is having a baby, a new baby sister for Matt and it’s a lot of changes all at once. Matt looks to impress not only Weaver by helping out on the front lines but Pope and his group too. Matt has respect for both of them. Matt’s relationship with Ben grows a lot in season 3.

What type of screen time will Matt get with the new aliens?

Matt will get some screen time with the new aliens but it will be later in the season.


With the large array of new guest stars that came on set for season 3, who was your favorite guest star on the show?

I would have to say Robert Sean Leonard because his character is just so wacky. He is funny and makes us laugh. He was weirded out by my hair.

You mentioned your hair, a lot of fans were a bit shocked by the sudden change in hair style.

It wasn’t my decision but they saw that I was growing up and I wasn’t a kid anymore. They wanted to make it look more ‘bad boy’ so they decided to change his hair and not just his lines.

What was your favorite episode of the new season of the show?

I really have 2. The first is episode 5 which is titled Search and Recover and the second is an episode titled The Pickett Line which is episode 7.

Any funny moments from behind the scenes?

We get to do some horseback riding this season and my horse kept trying to nibble at Noah’s feet, and I had to keep moving his head away So it seemed to Noah like I couldn’t control my horse but really it was just that the horse loved to bite feet. The horse’s name was Scooter, he was a good horse.


Tell us a little bit about the horseback and gun training you went through this season

There was a guy who came to set to teach us how to ride horses and it was funny because he had a southern/Canadian accent. One day when we were on a trail ride, we expected it be a short ride but it ended up being about 6 miles. I did get some minor gun training as I am always carrying a gun around now. I did get to use some Volm tech in the preview you saw which was very heavy, and they painted over it and made it look like a piece of alien tech.

We had a special question asked by Ryan Robbins (Tector) asking us if Tector was your all time favorite.

Well everytime I was around Tector I had skitter goo all over me, so I think I was more attached to Boone. He was a good rapper too. ­čÖé But really you are cool, Ryan.

Do not miss the new season of Falling Skies on TNT June 9th starting at 9pm with a 2 hour premiere.


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