Intro Video & Strax Field Report From “The Name of the Doctor”

Image courtesy BBC

Are you dying for the Doctor?  Clamoring for Clara?  Panicking over the Paternoster Gang?  Relishing the return of River Song?  Tired of my tedious typing?  Well then, how about a couple of videos to ease your burden?  (Okay, I promise no more question marks.  Deal?  Oops…)

The BBC have graciously shared two new videos surrounding the season seven finale entitled The Name of the Doctor and I’ve got them here for you.  If I didn’t this would be a very pointless post.

The first video is an introduction to the episode in which Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith give us their take on what’s going to happen.  Interspersed with their commentary are snippets of the episode.  There’s nothing too spoilery, just enough stuff to get you ready for Saturday night.


This second video is Strax giving a field report to his home planet of Sontar.  It’s filled with plenty of “Strax-isms” to make you smile.  I love that little guy.


If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss She Said, He Said, the prequel to the finale here:  Doctor Who Finale Prequel – “She Said, He Said”

If that’s not enough, get a ton of inside scoop here:   Doctor Who “The Name of the Doctor” Synopsis Revealed, Plus Steven Moffat Talks Finale [Spoilers].

Also, check out not one, but two image galleries with over forty pictures from the episode.  There’s Doctor Who Image Gallery: Episode 713 “The Name of the Doctor” filled with seventeen images from the finale and the very recently released 25 MORE Images From Doctor Who 713 “The Name of the Doctor.”


The final episode of Doctor Who airs Saturday, May 18 at 8/7c, immediately followed by Orphan Black and The Nerdist.


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