Revolution ‘Children of Men’ Review and Recap: What’s Left to Hope For?

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Hey guys! I’m back! You get me twice in a row, aren’t you folks lucky? So tonight I’m reviewing and recapping “Children of Men,” Revolution’s latest episode. And surprise! I actually kind of enjoyed it! We got some answers this episode, things are starting to come together, and a few things came really far out of left field. It had some rough patches and it was far from perfect, but it wasn’t terrible or lackluster like some of the episodes of late. So without further ado, let’s jump into the actual episode!

The episode picks up where the last one left off: with Rachel holding a grenade ready to lob it at Monroe. Of course, that plan fails and ¬†militia guard members tackle her to the ground, chucking her little bomb out the tent and saving everyone (except two red shirts who fall in the line of fire). At the same time, Miles and company have just successfully landed their helicopter in Colorado, a few miles from the Tower, ready to rescue Rachel who is now a prisoner of Monroe. Monroe wants her to try opening the Tower door like Randall failed to do last time. She is doubtful it will open for her but tries anyway. Much to her (and everyone else’s) shock, it opens right up.

Randall reveals that he sent Grace Beaumont ahead to fix everything (which we observed a few episodes back). He’s sure she overrode the access codes and repaired the elevators to get them in. They need to get to a place called Level 12, where Randall contends that some seriously powerful technology is being held. The “Others” are observing them, meanwhile, and we get a shot of their leader: Dan, portrayed by the ever-wonderful-to-see Glenn Morshower! He and his crew gear up with some nifty looking guns and head out to greet their new guests.

In a computer room, Monroe’s cronies discover that satellite connections still exist. They can see all the cities in the world (and kill them all too) from here. They then board the elevator to head for Level 12. The lift freezes at Level 11, though. They exit but are quickly assaulted by an unseen source. The weapons used against them are far more destructive than any typical gun and militia are literally blown apart. Randall may be among the dead, but no one is sure. Rachel locks herself in a bunker but Monroe has forced his way in as well.

Outside, Neville and Jason blow up Monroe’s amplifiers to cut out his power. Nora takes out some of his guards outside the tower with some tricky throwing knives. Aaron overrides the access codes and the group gets in, but Neville and Jason are locked out and get captured. Neville tries to persuade the militia guys to turn against Monroe.¬†children of men 3

In the safe room, Rachel doesn’t want to cooperate with Monroe but changes her mind after he persuades her that he would rather get them both alive and survive then stay here and let them both die a painful death. Miles and company reach level 11 and find all the dead militia. They realize, though, that someone is coming down the lift and barricade themselves into a room before escaping out of the vent.

Back inside the bunker, Monroe wants to play innocent about Danny’s death to Rachel, claiming that he wasn’t physically there so he’s not physically responsible. He then proceeds to reveal that he has a son and he’s ashamed of his madcap antics thus far. Well that came out of left field. They cry together. Aaron, meanwhile, mentions that the guns are coil guns. He learned that on Mythbusters. Oi vey. A convenient map directs the group to where they can find some guns of their own but they’re all gone by the time they get there. The gang is then pursued by one of the coil gun wielding dudes. Miles kills him and takes the gun. Rachel sees this on the security cam and is very concerned about Charlie. Monroe promises that he’ll save Charlie if Rachel opens a nearby weapons case and cooperates.

In the heat of a firefight, Charlie gets trapped. Monroe kills the Other that is coming for her, much to the girl’s surprise. Even more to her surprise, Rachel approaches with a gun of her own. Rachel, Charlie, and Aaron race off to escape but are promptly captured. The fates of Miles and Nora remain unknown. Last we see, Monroe and his ex-best friend Miles are locked in a standoff downstairs. Outside, Monroe’s troops decide to turn against him and free Neville and Jason.¬†children of men 2

Rachel, Charlie, and Aaron are brought into some kind of underground cafe. Grace is among the people there, and she reveals that Aaron is a big deal. She also reveals that Dan and the Others saved her. The Others are revealed to be the employees who were at the Tower. Dan says they locked themselves in the Tower and sealed off Level 12 to prevent the tech from falling in the wrong hands. Dan then destroys Dr. Warren’s book. It comes out that if the power is turned on, either the world will be saved or it will blow apart from the inside out.

So this week wasn’t as lackluster as the others in the past. We actually get some things revealed to us–the power of the nanites and the fate of Grace for example. It’s also set up another standoff for Miles and Monroe down in the basement for next week. The game has also changed for Rachel. It’s no longer a question of turning on the power for revenge, but a question of will the world end altogether if she does. That’s a much tougher question to deal with. Like I said, some things seemed so far-fetched (Monroe has a kid he forgot to mention?) This is also the first time Monroe seems remotely human to us all, which really makes us reconsider how much we despise him. In the end, “Children of Men” was hardly a great episode, but it was far better

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than the past weeks’ shows. And in the end, we have something new to hope for: a new direction for Revolution. Hopefully it’ll just keep getting better. What did you think of “Children of Men?” Do you agree that it was less lackluster than previous episodes? Or do you still feel Revolution is lagging in its performance? What’ll happen next week? Will Rachel hit the on button anyway? Will the Others let her? Weigh in with a comment, we’d love to hear you! And don’t forget to watch Revolution every Monday at 10/9C on NBC. Then check back here for a review/recap. Until next week!

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