Supernatural: The Great Escapist Recap/Review

Air Date: 5-1-13

I was so confused with the beginning of the show tonight.   Kevin is inside the ship when Dean and Sam come knocking.  They are doused with holy water and Dean makes a joke and Kevin reprimands them for forgetting the secret knock.   They hand Kevin the other half of the tablet and hints at digging the other one up, but Kevin has notes galore so they don’t have to.  Everything seems on keel until Sam starts talking weird, calling Kevin special K and other slang words that Sam doesn’t use gave me a confused expression, but then all is revealed as the boys leave Kevin to his research and they morph back into two demons.  Crowley is using them to get info from Kevin and now he knows there are three trials.

Supernatual The Great Escapist 2

Things aren’t looking great for Sam with his sudden illness which is caused by the trials. Dean is doting all over him and they are in constant conflict with Dean wanting to care for Sam and Sam wanting to get back to finding Kevin and the third trial.  They are bickering about just that when they get an email from Kevin.  It is a video message stating that if they are watching it he is dead and the feed sends the boys all of his research.  Dean, frustrated with how sick his brother is and now losing Kevin, knocks a stack of books from a nearby table and walks out of the room.

Meanwhile Cass is dodging the angels but using the sameness of a restaurant call Bergerson’s.  When Naomi is told that he can’t be found she decides to make him stop and when he arrives at one of the restaurant all the patrons are dead and the waitress familiar to him has her eyes gouged out and is muttering over and over,  “You have to stop”.   Cass’ weakness for human life allows him to get caught and while Naomi tortures him she sends the other two angles to search the Bergerson’s for the tablet.

During his review of Kevin’s work Sam discovers symbol he learned about when he was in college.  He finds out that it means Messenger of God and is convinced that Metatron is where the symbol originated from and that they need to go to the source to find out what the next trial is because they are out of prophets and they can’t decipher Kevin’s work.  Checking into their hotel Sam is delirious and is rambling.  Dean makes an excuse that he has the flu to their non-friendly desk clerk.  Dean soon learns that they are the only guests and the last time the hotel had guests was back in 2006.  Sam is so out of it he starts to ramble about a trip they took when they were kids where Dean’s donkey kept farting.  It was a random, far away thought and Dean insists that he rest while he goes poking around.

Supernatual The Great Escapist 1

While Dean learns that when the Great Spirit AKA Metatron came he offered a trade for stories, Sam wonders into the hallway following a high-pitched noise and witnesses that desk clerk leaving books in front of another room.  Making his way back to his room he dials Dean’s number and as Dean answers he passes out.

Back at Bergerson’s Cass is getting his ass handed to him by Naomi but he refuses to break.  She has come to the conclusion that she will have to tear him apart when he is saved by a man with a gun.  The gun has bullets made of the angel blade and his savior is none other than his old partner Crowley, but he really isn’t there to save Cass, but to get the angel tablet for himself.  After killing one of the angel’s and wounding another he has a showdown with Naomi who flees.  We learn that the angel he wounded is on Crowley’s payroll and he is the one who tipped Crowley off.  They take Cass back to Crowley’s “lair” and as he questions Cass he shoots him in the gut as he knows it will take a long time to bleed out, but really it was because he suspected that Cass had the tablet still on him because it allows Naomi to stay out of his head and digging it out of his wound Crowley was proven correct.  Crowley gets a phone call from his “Sam” and “Dean” Demon’s explaining that Kevin had told them where the tablet was only to lead them into a devils trap.  Crowley leaves the angels to go have a chat with Kevin and Cass is able to dig out the bullet and gouge it into Ion’s eye to get away.

Supernatual The Great Escapist 4

After getting Sam’s temp down with an ice bath, Sam tells Dean that Metatron is at the hotel.  They wander into the room where the books had been placed and are surprised by a man with a gun (Hey look it is Booger from Revenge of the Nerds….I love that guy).  The guy is the angel Metatron and the boys learn that he has been in the dark about what has been happening.  Metatron also explains that God was concerned that his children wouldn’t know what to do when he was gone so he recruited Metatron to write down the instructions and soon after God left.   When the Archangels took over and realized they couldn’t take over the Universe without the Word of God, therefore needing Metatron,  he fled and since had kept himself buried in Human writings.  Metatron recognizes that Sam has taken on the trials and is far enough along that he is resonating with the Word of God, resonating with Metatron.  Hearing how the angle has kept his head buried in the sand all these years angers both boys.  Dean for the reason that Kevin Tran was a kid who pulled straight A’s and had plans but then was sucked into this business and is now dead, and Sam for all the suffering Metatron could have help elevate had he stood and fought.

Kevin has finally moved past his fear and when Crowley confronts him he is confident and fear free.  Being smug and telling Crowley that he needs him but he won’t tell him anything angers Crowley and being confident that he had the upper hand with the angel tablet Crowley begins to choke the life out of Kevin, but all at once Kevin’s eyes like up with angel light and it sends Crowley across the room with a burning face.

Being the Word of God gives Metatron some tricks.  He is able to erase Crowley’s angle wards and saves Kevin.  While they wait for Kevin to wake up Dean asks Metatron if he is was with them.  He doesn’t really answer but brings up the fact that he saved the boy.  Then he asked Dean if closing the Gates of Hell is what he really wants to do.  This is all about choices and he needs to weight the choices and asks himself what is sacrificed in doing this and what the world will be like when it is done.  When Kevin wakes up he is proud of himself that he didn’t give in to Crowley and before he can reveal what the last trial is Metatron says, “To cure a demon”.

Driving away Dean asks Sam if he will get better if this last trial is down and they close the gates.  Sam tells him he already feels better moving forward and heading to the end.  That is all Dean needs to decided to move forward.  Up on the road in front of them is a body they almost hit, but when they make a quick stop and get out they see that it is Cass.

Wow , wow, wow this was a great episode.  At least I think it was.  I loved the humor as always, but Sam being so sick breaks my heart and I just want to feed him chicken soup and tuck him in, but I know he is right no flu remedies will help him get better.  I love that Cass was back in this episode and I have to say I really dislike Naomi.  I am looking forward to seeing what the last two episodes of the season will bring us.  Are you?

Well my wayward family until next week Carry on….I normally leave you with a clip for next week but unfortunately I am not able to find one. Can you believe we only have two more till the end of the season?  I am saddened by that, but that also means that we will be getting Falling Skies soon and that brings the smile back on my face.

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