The Name of the Doctor – Behind the Scenes, Inside Look, & Final Moment Videos

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WARNING:  If for some unearthly reason you have yet to see the gobsmackingly intense final episode of Doctor Who season seven then please go watch it now and come back when you’re done.  This post contains majorly major spoilers of a majorly spoilerish nature.

I’d hate for you to be majorly spoiled, sweetie.


The TARDIS is in the shop until Saturday, November 23, 2013, but while we wait how about some behind-the-scenes videos?  At the end I’ve even tossed in the truly epic final minute of the grand finale.  I know “epic” is overused a lot, but I think in the case of this finale it is truly appropriate.  If your jaw didn’t hit the floor with as much force as the TARDIS slamming into Trenzalore then nothing could ever surprise you.

In the behind-the-scenes video we get to hear about how some of the stunts were done.  Some grand, like the TARDIS console bursting into flames, some more commonplace, like Strax bursting through glass while fighting a rather large Scotsman, and even how they set up the scene where River slaps Vastra.  Apparently Alex Kingston can really toss a slap.


Her’s an inside look at the finale from BBC America.  Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, and Jenna-Louise Coleman talk about the last episode and some of the longer running storylines.


And finally, because it just can’t be seen enough, here’s the final minute of The Name of the Doctor and the absolutely stunning reveal.


Remember, the Doctor returns November 23rd.  Not that I’d ever let you forget.



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