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A while back, before I took a break from writing these indie band write-ups, I learned of this great band, Side Effect, from Myanmar aka Burma. After my dad left some random show on and I was too lazy to find the remote and change the channel, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown came on with a focus on Myanmar. After a few minutes, he began talking to an indie band from the area called Side Effect. I obviously had to listen to more of their music after that and even though I don’t understand what they’re saying, I like them!

Comprised of Tser Htoo, Jozeff and Darko, Side Effect is an indie punk band with a punk rock vibe similar to The Ramones or The Clash. They’ve been performing since 2004 and have met with a few challenges if you know anything about the political and economic atmosphere in Myanmar. These guys have done a lot considering a lack of instruments, professional equipment and having to deal with a bit of that Burmese censorship, so check them out and help support the growing music industry of their country!

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