Interview with ‘Falling Skies’ Sarah Carter – Love, Fighting and Alien Invasions

By: Robert Prentice
Falling Skies sarah carter


Even during an alien invasion there is still love and those who fight for the ones they love. We had a chance to talk with the lovely Sarah Carter, who plays Maggie on TNT’s hit summer drama Falling Skies. Maggie is a complex character who started out with Popes gang of outlaws and became a trusted and loyal fighter for the 2nd mass.

Over the past 2 seasons Maggie has grown to love and care for Hal Mason, Tom Masons oldest son. Maggie revealed that prior to the invasion she has some baggage to carry including being an addict and having a baby. Hal saw past this and they have remained together through it all. At the end of the 2nd season, Hal went into a coma and there was no medical reason that Dr. Glass could find for why.

Season 3 returns next Sunday and we see that Hal is awake but unable to walk and although Hal won’t admit it, Maggie knows something isn’t right.

We asked Sarah to talk to us about how Maggie has changed over the past 2 seasons and where her character may end up. Maggie started out season 1 very closed and full of secrets. She felt like she fit in with Pope. Hal comes along and pry’s into Maggie, which she doesn’t like but over the course of the second season, Maggie opens up to Hal and puts her trust in him. There is still a third wheel in the relationship that just wont go away, Karen.

Maggie’s past with Pope isn’t over and she will get a chance to face that past again. By the end of season 3, Maggie’s character does a 360 and is back, emotionally, to where she was at the start of season 1. It’s a complex road and there are more secrets to share.

“The love triangle that is Maggie, Karen and Hal has been a lot of fun to play on-screen. Jessy is a lot of fun to be around.” Sarah also went on to tell us that we have not seen the last of the Maggie versus Karen confrontation that was cut short in season 2. Towards the end of season 3 Maggie will get her chance to settle things.


Season 2 was all about Maggie opening up to Hal and spilling some very close and heart-felt secrets. Hal was a bit taken back by the fact that Maggie had a child but he understood that was the past and he is in love with who Maggie is now. In season 3, the roles get reversed and Hal becomes the one with all the secrets while Maggie tries to get him to open up and talk to her.

There are always funny stories to tell from behind the scenes and Sarah had one for us that involved Drew Roy.

I have ridden horses before, while everyone else was just learning. So I was able to form a really good relationship with the horse wrangler and get up to the ranch to ride a lot more than the standard few days of training everyone else got. While out riding the horses, Drew fell off his horse and into a pool of horse piss. He wasn’t too happy.

There are a lot of great guest stars this season but when we asked Sarah who she enjoyed most, it was Gloria Reuben.”She has such a presence and force on the set, and having worked with Noah before, they both head a real rapport. I love that the show has so many strong women” Sarah told us and she is right. Season 3 brings in many strong female roles expanding not only Maggie but so many others. “In Fact, my time with Jessy Schram is also a favorite of mine for people I was able to spend more screen time with, that I hadn’t had the chance to do in season 1 or 2.” Sarah added.

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