Warehouse 13: “Instinct” Reviewcap

While eating a less than savory breakfast thanks to Leena’s absence, Artie calls everyone in after he feels an earthquake at the warehouse. Helena, however, also calls after noticing a peculiar transformation after a man confesses to a crime he had recently gotten away with, so Pete and Myka go to talk to H.G. Wells about her case, while Steve, Claudia and Abigail (that’s the shrink from last time) go to the warehouse. After finding the warehouse alone is experiencing the tremors, they go inside to find the problem and Claudia is ass-zapped again, but chooses to remain quiet about it, though I’m not entirely sure why.

Pete and Myka attempt to speak to the DA, but are shut down so they talk to Artie about a possible fear-causing artifact. He tells them there are hundreds of possibilities, but cannot say more as he has to return to his own investigation into the warehouse’s tremors. After talking to Artie, Myka goes to H.G. Wells to discuss the case and meets H.G.’s boyfriend and his daughter whom she’s been living with as Emily for the past six months. Myka and H.G. discuss H.G. Wells’ building a normal life and Myka barely manages to convince H.G. to go on “one last adventure” and help them with the case. They go to the police station and check out the security footage from when the man came in to confess to his crime and find a video of the man looking like a Neanderthal and also discover that “the killer with the deadly artifact” is Briggs, a detective at the station.


Pete and Myka go to find Detective Briggs, but as he is not at home, they call Artie about the artifact and he tells them the artifact could be prehistoric which could be extremely powerful and have an effect on the person using the artifact as well as the victims. As they search Briggs’ home, they find a file on Helena and realize she may be in danger. They go to Helena’s just as Detective Briggs escapes after attacking Nate with the artifact and telling him about his suspicions of “Emily” lying about her identity.

Nate attempts to wrap his head around Helena’s true identity and Pete attempts to convince him that Helena is not a bad person while H.G. tells Myka that she’s done with the warehouse. Myka tells her it’s possibly about Nate’s daughter who is of a similar age to Helena’s own daughter who died and Helena gets upset at Myka’s implications. As they talk, Briggs calls Nate and tells them he’s got Nate’s daughter and will give her back in exchange for the artifact they took off him. Nate wants to go to get help and refuses to listen to them as they try to explain that they are the people to help and Helena decides she can’t have a normal life and must get his daughter back. Myka, however, sneaks off to keep Helena from getting in trouble and goes to meet Briggs with the artifact herself.

While Helena searches for clues to where Briggs could have possibly taken Nate’s daughter, Adelaide, Nate asks about Helena and realizes that she lost someone close to her and then goes out to speak to her. Just as Helena and Nate figure out where to go to find Briggs, Pete realizes that Briggs has a partner, which Myka doesn’t know. Myka arrives at the location for the trade and is caught by Briggs’ partner, the DA. She attempts to negotiate for Adelaide and realizes the DA is the one who killed Shultz (the friend of the guy who confessed earlier). He refuses to let either Myka or Adelaide go. Myka notices that Brigg doesn’t like that idea, so she tries to talk to Briggs who ends up confronting and fighting with the DA, giving Myka an opportunity to escape.


Helena and Pete show up to save Myka, while she attempts to find Adelaide. Pete distracts the DA as Helena attacks and knocks out Briggs and Myka tells Helena where to find Adelaide while she goes to help Pete. She finds him and shoots the DA just as he uses the artifact on Pete to turn him into a cave man while Helena finds Adelaide safe in the back room and they all head back to Helena’s where she says her goodbyes, intending to finally live a normal life with Nate and Adelaide.

Meanwhile at the warehouse, as they discuss possible ways to determine the epicenter of the tremors, Claudia is ass-zapped again unbeknownst to everyone else and Artie tells her to use the scanners from the Artifact Removal Detection System to scan the warehouse to determine the epicenter, which, as it turns out, is in the Yukon Sector. The joints are being filled with energy but as they are jammed, the energy has nowhere to go so it’s causing the warehouse’s tremors. They discuss a way to stop the tremors and Claudia is ass-zapped again, but this time Steve sees it and when they go to make a goo gun to stop the energy amassing, Steve confronts her and Claudia tells him that she thinks the warehouse is mad at her, but when she tells Steve that she doesn’t want to tell anyone about it because they’ll think she’s crazy, Steve notices she’s lying and she’s afraid of something else. With the warehouse tremors taking priority, Steve lets it go and they make a “goozooka” to shoot goo on the joint.

When they attempt to shoot the goozooka the first time, it falls short and Steve determines he has to get to higher ground. He begins climbing a ladder, but is zapped, loses his footing and drops the goozooka as the ladder breaks. Artie is injured and unable to shoot the gun, so he sends Claudia and Abigail to the epicenter of the amassed energy. Claudia attempts to get Abigail to go in there, but as a mere psychologist she tells Claudia she should do it. Claudia then confesses to her about the ass-zapping and her fear that if she says anything the regents won’t let her be caretaker of the warehouse, which is something she has come to strongly desire. Abigail then points out that the zaps could be the warehouse’s attempts at getting her attention and after realizing this is a possibility, Claudia goes into the epicenter, shoots the goozooka and stops the energy amassing. She emerges in a fairly cheesy moment, covered in goo, which I don’t understand considering the distance she was from the joint that she shot full of goo… and after talking to Abigail a bit more mentions smelling apples, the warehouse’s “sign of acceptance.”


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